Our Craftsmanship, Your Confidence

At Miele we craft and perfect every detail to achieve ultimate reliability. Featuring leading edge technology and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, discover our premium appliances that will impress you for years to come.

Perfect results with DualSteam

Our steam appliances have been expertly crafted to preserve important vitamins and minerals when cooking thanks to our impressive DualSteam technology. A powerful 3.3 kW external steam generator creates steam quickly and then injects it into the cavity at high pressure. The result – perfectly even distribution of steam for uniform cooking results.

Stress-free cooking with Auto programmes

Guarantee culinary success with Miele’s built-in automatic programmes. Manually entering in temperature and time are a thing of the past. Thanks to automatic programmes, different types of food can be cooked to perfection without you having to monitor the process. We even offer user programmes, where you can convert up to 20 of your favourite family recipes so they are accessible at the touch of a button meaning anyone in the household can assist with preparing meals.

Intelligent induction cooktops crafted to perfection

Experience the elegance of induction with results tailored specifically to your needs. Whether you require powerful performance, the ability to position your cookware anywhere on the surface, intuitive touch controls or seamless integration with a unique TwoInOne concept, Miele’s diverse assortment of induction cooktops means there is style perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

The total laundry solution

Did you know, Miele is the only brand to make their own detergents and our unique formulation actually took 7 years to develop? UltraPhase 1 is automatically dispensed first into the wash to remove grease and protein soiling from garments. UltraPhase 2 follows approximately 20 minutes later and helps remove stubborn stains from your fabrics. Without perfumes or colourants and containing environmentally conscious ingredients, UltraPhase Sensitive is the perfect choice for allergy sufferers.

Caring for your most precious garments

Our exclusive honeycomb drum has a sculptured surface which allows laundry to gently glide on a thin film of water, meaning there is less wear and tear on your clothes. Even items you would ordinarily handwash or take to the drycleaners, such as silks, woollens and even down can all be safely cared for in a Miele machine.

Book an appliance phone consultation

Miele offers a range of appliance demonstration classes at our Miele Experience Centres which will allow you to see how our appliances work and ask questions with our Miele Experts. Book a complimentary appliance demonstration today!

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