Cloudy Bay Clams

‘The sea is bountiful and will nourish us. But it will only serve us if we show it some respect.’ Restaurateur Michael is mindful of sourcing the most sustainable seafood and chooses Cloudy Bay Clams for their pioneering harvesting technique which mimics natural storm conditions, earning them an internationally recognised ‘Friend of the Sea’ certification. With a fresh sea spray aroma and wild ocean flavour, Michael uses Cloudy Bay Diamond Shell clams to create a delicate seafood dish. Prepared with ease using one pan on our induction cooktop.

Chef Michael Meredith making Cloudy Bay Clams using Miele appliances
Michael Meredith cooking Cloudy Bay clams using Miele induction cooktop

Why Michael loves induction

Whether nourishing his guests at his acclaimed Auckland restaurant, or serving up a wholesome meal to his family at home, Michael needs a cooktop that performs consistently. Delivering ultimate control and flexibility, Michael’s TwoInOne appliance is instantly responsive, allowing him to change temperature with a simple touch.

Miele Cloudy Bay Clams recipe

Cloudy Bay clams, chorizo & chickpeas

Michael’s vibrant shellfish dish has subtle Mediterranean influences that will indulge the senses. The delicate clams bring a natural sweetness to the dish, which pairs perfectly with the heat from the chilli and the smokiness of the chorizo. This one pot creation also contains chickpeas, a wonderfully nutritious legume which is rich in soluble fibre and has a delicious nutty taste.

Cloudy Bay clams in a bowl

Our sustainable tip for your home

If you are using tinned chickpeas for this recipe, make sure you keep the water from the tin known as ‘aquafaba’. This has many handy uses and is perfect as an egg replacement if you follow a vegan diet. You can try using this ingredient in meringues or marshmallows.

Miele Induction Cooktop Demonstrations

Fascinated to learn more about the many advantages of Miele induction cooktops? Book into a complementary demonstration today. Our team of talented Culinary Experts will help you understand the innovative technology, sharing useful tips on how to achieve perfect results for your favourite dishes as well as advice on how to choose the correct quality pots and pans and how to care for your appliance with a few simple steps.

Olliff Farm

‘Out here, everything is just the way it should be. Perfectly balanced. You can feel it, you can smell it, you can taste it.’ Olliff Farm produce premium pasture eggs and position animal welfare at the centre of everything they do. Which is why Michael partners with the local family run business. Their solar-powered coops can easily be moved, so the chooks get to explore fresh green pasture every few days, keeping the girls happy and healthy. Michael poaches the Olliff Farm eggs at a gentle 63°C using the sous-vide function on his Miele combi steam oven.

Oliff Farm New Zealand
Chef Michael Meredith plating his egg dish

Why Michael loves steam

Eggs are a household staple, and incredibly versatile in the sense of how they can be used. Suitable for sweet, savoury, for binding sauces and enriching dishes, Michael let’s the natural flavour Olliff Farm eggs shine by gently steaming them at 63⁰C in his Miele steam oven. Achieving a silky egg white and runny liquid centre without any effort at all. Poached eggs, just as they should be.

Chef Michael Meredith's Eggs, Oats and Ham dish

Eggs, oats & ham

Enjoying beautiful food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and Michael’s Eggs, oats and ham is a breakfast dish which deserves to be savoured. No matter if Michael is preparing small or large volumes of eggs, they will always be perfectly poached and ready together at the same time, a key advantage of his Miele combi steam oven. Relying on the sous-vide programme which facilitates temperature adjustment in 1°C increments, achieving gourmet results has never been easier.

Chef Michael Meredith putting a tray of eggs in a Miele oven to be cooked.

Our sustainable tip for your home

Rather than discarding your eggshells, why not give them a new home? Pop them in your compost or directly into the soil of your garden bed. Overtime they will decompose and add valuable calcium to the area. We recommend drying the eggshells first at 80⁰C for 20 minutes, then breaking and sprinkling over your chosen location.

Anabelle Cheese

‘There is something special about produce that’s been made by hand. Because when it’s created by an artisan, you know it’s been crafted with passion.’ Combining French cheesemaking tradition with quality New Zealand ingredients, it’s no wonder Anabelle’s cheeses are award winning. Sourcing only the best ingredients from local farmers, you can really taste the difference in her cheese. Offering a silky smooth texture and balanced flavour and aroma, Anabelle’s fromage frais is the perfect accompaniment to Michael’s passionfruit soufflé.

Chef Michael Meredith whipping up Annabelle Cheese for a dish
Chef Michael Meredith putting a tray of food in a Miele oven to be cooked.

Why Michael loves Fan Plus

A hallmark of French culinary tradition, the soufflé is a delicate dish which is typically hard to perfect. However, Michael has complete confidence thanks to Miele’s Fan Plus functionality which distributes the heat evenly within the oven so he can create delectable soufflé’s with an impressive rise, every time.

Chef Michael Meredith's Passionfruit soufflé, goat fromage frais recipe

Passionfruit soufflé, goat fromage frais

The inspiration behind Michael’s soufflé came from cheesemaker Anabelle who loves to pair her creamy goat’s milk fromage frais with the tartness of passionfruit. Balancing the two ingredients harmoniously, this recipe is nothing short of delicious.

Our sustainable tip for your home

Elevate your homemade sourdough by adding in the whey from your fromage frais, this will add a lovely depth of flavour to your loaf. Once you have conquered baking, you can also experiment with using whey from any cheese product in lieu of milk or water in your savoury dishes.

Chef Michael Meredith garnishing his dish he created using Miele appliances

Quality Appliances and Fresh Local Ingredients: Michael Meredith’s Recipe for a Nourishing Home

As one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most creative chefs, and owner of relaxed eatery Mr Morris, Samoan born Michael Meredith has forged a career in some of the world’s best kitchens. With a reputation for conjuring a unique blend of flavour and texture, Chef Meredith likes to create cuisine that is simple and pure and lets the ingredients speak for themselves.

Discover Miele accessories

As seen on the Homegrown content series, Michael’s majestic soufflés are carefully aerated for a beautiful rise. Once cooked, Michael doesn’t need to worry about them collapsing as the Miele FlexiClip runners extend the oven tray out of the oven for exceptionally gentle handling. Other must-have accessories in the kitchen are our Induction cookware set and the Gourmet Griddle Plate for charring almost anything!

Corn on the cob and some asparagus on a grill on a Miele induction cooktop

*Substitute Cloudy Bay clams for any high quality clam or pipi, Olliff Farm eggs with your local organic egg supplier and Anabelle Cheese’s Goat fromage frais with any fromage frais.


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