It is undeniably the hub of any home and a place where we congregate and connect with family and friends. If you love cooking, it’s the special touches in your kitchen that can enhance and heighten your pleasure when preparing, cooking and serving food.

Principal Interior Designer of Studio Tate, Melbourne, Alex Hopkins says: “Happiness in the kitchen relates not just to the finishes, but the spatial planning, convenience and having a great layout that’s relevant to you.”

“An enjoyment for cooking is further enhanced by the little details, and part of our job, as interior designers, is finding what little details are relevant to our client’s lifestyle,” she added.

Be on trend and true to you

When designing your kitchen, it is important to know about the latest trends. Ultimately however, you should choose a design and style that reflects your lifestyle and personality.

“We find out what’s important to each client and use this as the basis of floor planning and to identify what is needed in key areas such as the kitchen,” Ms Hopkins said.

Having sufficient bench space and adequate room for multiple people to move around the kitchen at once makes cooking more enjoyable.

“We like to recommend a cooking demonstration to trial the various appliances on offer; it is a fun way to start thinking about what you really want in your kitchen,” Ms Hopkins added.

2018 kitchen design

A new year brings with it original design ideas.

“Minimalism will always have a place in design, however, we are seeing clients express a desire for joinery that has some articulation, such as the timber moulding,” says Ms Hopkins.

“Incorporating a butler’s pantry in both private and larger multi-residential projects is a timeless luxury and an intelligent approach to creating a functional kitchen without clutter.

“Lastly, particularly relevant to the down-sizer market is a tendency towards favouring two ‘towered’ Miele ovens – such as one conventional oven and one steam oven – instead of one larger under bench oven.

This arrangement not only offers flexibility in the design of the kitchen, but also when cooking,” Ms Hopkins added.

Image via Inspired Quarters

Follow the colourful road

Colour in the kitchen is a way to reflect your personality and using colour correctly can contribute to a kitchen design that makes you happy.

“As autumn approaches, we typically see a shift towards earthier colours. Interestingly, these tones have been in demand since last winter, perhaps due to the timeless quality and calming nature.

“Deep reds, pinks, purples and burnt oranges are more current than ever.

“Unlike recent waves of interest in metallic and pastels, earthy tones tend to be less jarring and are therefore often called upon in design for their warm quality.

“We advise choosing colours for longevity instead of what’s on trend today,” Ms Hopkins added.

Cooking made easy with Miele

The kitchen is a place where you can download the day, create memories and of course prepare healthy delicious foods filling the home with welcoming and warm cooking smells.

“Miele is all about making cooking effortless and delicious, creating healthy, tasty results that can make you and your family and friends happy,” says Kylie Taylor, Miele Product Manager.

Miele’s appliances are designed with your happiness in mind with innovative cooking features and sleek design.

For example, Miele’s induction cooktops: you can cook the perfect stack of pancakes at home by using the one-touch intelligent temperature sensor and timer technology. TempControl provides a fast, even heat all over the pan.

Miele’s Steam Oven with Microwave is another appliance that allows the home cook to have both the convenience of a microwave and the health benefits of steam in one appliance.

Experience the happiness

Visit a Miele Experience Centre to discover our latest appliances or book your spot in a complimentary cooking class. The eight Miele Experience Centres are located at: Knoxfield, Victoria; South Melbourne, Victoria; Frenchs Forest, Sydney, Hilton, South Australia; Eagle Farm, Queensland; Southport, Queensland; Claremont, Western Australia; Auckland, New Zealand.

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