Ricotta and Parmesan Gnocchi with Parmesan Sauce, Burnt Cepes and Fresh Truffles
45 minutes
55 minutes



1.2kg agria potato, cleaned
200g ricotta
20ml truffle oil
200g grated parmesan
350g grams flour
3 eggs
pinch nutmeg
pinch salt
pinch white pepper

Parmesan sauce

3 shallots
30g unsalted butter
200g grated parmesan
500g cream
250g water
2g xanthan gum (optional)
5g salt
8g sugar

Burnt ceps

50g dried ceps


250g local mushroom mix, sliced and flash-fried
in olive oil
250g petit peas, blanched
1 fresh truffle, if you can get it, or 1 perfect button
mushroom per person, peeled and sliced on the
round as thin as possible



1. Place potatoes in a perforated steam tray and steam at 100°C for 40 minutes, or until soft.
2. Remove skin from the potatoes then pass through a sieve or potato ricer into a large bowl.
3. Add the rest of the ingredients, except the flour and mix well. Finally add the flour.
4. Place the mixture into a large vacuum seal bag and seal in vacuum setting 3 sealing setting 3.
5. Place the mixture onto a perforated steam tray and steam at 100°C for 30 minutes
6. Cut into desired shape and pan fry in olive oil before serving.

Parmesan sauce

1. In a medium sized pot sweat shallots and butter on a medium heat, induction setting 5, until soft. Add parmesan and cook further on a low heat, induction setting 3, for 10 minutes.
2. Add cream, water and xanthan gum. Let this infuse before seasoning with salt and sugar.

Burnt Ceps

1. Deep-fry the dried ceps for 3 minutes at 150°C, induction setting 6.

To Serve

1. Spoon gnocchi onto plate and ladle the parmesan sauce over it. Garnish with the mushrooms and finally sprinkle over the burnt ceps


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