Miele Washing Machines

Explore our latest range of washing machines. With their modern design and array of convenient features, you will be pleasantly surprised by how effortless laundry can be. Discover more about our Miele washing machines below.

Gentle care for your most precious garments

Our exclusive honeycomb drum has a sculptured surface which allows laundry to gently glide on a thin film of water, meaning there is less wear and tear on your clothes. Including items you would ordinarily handwash or take to the drycleaners, such as silks, woollens and even down can all be safely cared for in a Miele machine.

Miele Laundry Package Offer & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

When you purchase any Miele washing machine or dryer, you also receive a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Save $200 on the washing machine and tumble dryer package that is chosen.

Three features of Miele washing machines


Perfect results – all at the touch of a button! Our TwinDos styem ensures the perfect amount of detergent is dispensed, at the perfect time, with the added convenience of doing it all for you. It uses a combination of two detergents; UltraPhase1 and UltraPhase 2. The correct portion of each is dispensed completely automatically at the most optimal time within the wash programme. It ensures brilliant whites, vibrant colours, plus effective stain removal!



PowerWash offers the highest level of cleaning performance, in just 49 minutes with the QuickPowerWash programme. Small loads are also washed economically too, thanks to the Spin&Spray technology which works with a very low water level and minimises heating energy.



Not only are our washing machines constructed thoughtfully, but they also feature a number of sustainable innovations. With built-in smarts that automatically detect the size of the load and adjust electricity and water usage accordingly, through to the SingleWash option which is perfect for when you need an item washed in a hurry. You have complete peace of mind that your garments will be washed thoroughly and economically.


Taking sustainability into account at every opportunity

Sustainability is something which we consider right from the early product development stage. For example, we aim to avoid materials that can’t be recycled together, limit the number of raw materials used as well as mark plastic components for correct future recycling. 

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"Superb, quiet product & best front loading washing machine I have owned; only regret is not having purchased one of these earlier. "
Jeanette K, New Zealand. Customer online review. WWD 120 8KG Washing Machine.

What sets Miele apart – our customers share

Miele customer Jane Wilson, from Hobart, Australia, owned her Miele washing machine for almost 40 years before it had to be replaced. This machine was a gift from her mother when her first daughter was born. “I doubt she could have ever imagined it would still be working perfectly after all those years. Even after three daughters and all those cloth nappies!” Jane said.

The total laundry solution

Create your ultimate laundry space with a Miele heat pump dryer. Offering symmetry across design and programmes to perfectly complement your washing machine, laundry has never been easier! You can rely on Miele to get your washing dry quickly and efficiently, as all of our models feature intelligent heat pump technology. We even offer New Zealand’s most energy efficient 8 kg heat pump dryer with the TWF 720 model.

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