Award-winning NZ Chef, Ed Verner and his love of Miele appliances

Our brand ambassador Ed Verner tells us about why he is getting excited for his Miele appliances to arrive at his Auckland restaurant Pasture and hints towards a new concept soon to open!

Tell us how you’re going to be using Miele appliances in your Auckland restaurant Pasture?
For much of the menu we actually use fire to cook the dishes, but there are elements that require a stove top. Since day one gas is nothing we’ve ever used to cook over and I’ve always preferred induction. Induction offers a far more precise and efficient way of cooking. When I was looking at induction options, I loved the sleek look of the Miele induction cooktop. Pasture has an open kitchen within the restaurant so guests can see us using the equipment. It’s important that it looks absolutely beautiful in the space while still being a proficient piece of equipment that can stand up to the task intended.

We’ll also be using the Miele wine conditioners to store our most precious and rare bottles of wine. Reliable temperature regulation is key for us which is why we chose Miele.

Will you be using Miele appliances anywhere else?
We will also be using Miele appliances in our soon-to-be-opened new concept. While we can’t yet discuss the details, one of its main purposes will be driving innovation in the kitchen. For that purpose, Miele was the obvious choice.

Tell us why you like to cook using steam?
I have always used steam ovens in my professional career. This type of product is far more common in professional ovens than what you traditionally see in home ovens. It’s really exciting that Miele has a steam oven range, creating something chef-like for the home cook. Steam ovens produce far better results than an oven without steam. Particularly for things like breads, meats, vegetables.

How do the Miele appliances fit into the aesthetics of space(s)?
The appliances we’ve chosen are sleek and understated while still looking elegant. Our design is always minimal and Miele’s look plays well here while still feeling warm and inviting.

Almost all of the appliances will be on show as a focal point. Especially the induction cooktop in Pasture, this is within the chef’s table/bar area which the customers will easily see.
Miele ovens and an induction cooktop will also be a key focal point in the new space.
We don’t feel the need to hide this equipment away as we like the customer to feel involved and aware of the process of what we’re doing.

Why did you pick Miele as your chosen appliance brand to partner with?
I always have liked the ethos of Miele and how they always seek to create something that is always better than what came before it. That’s how I feel about pushing myself and our style of fine dining. It’s also important to me to use equipment that can hold up to my standards and help facilitate our growth as chefs. When looking for a partner there was no one that made more sense than Miele.


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