Simply perfect care for your laundry

Achieve optimum results using the right detergent. Miele offers simple solutions for thorough cleaning and gentle treatment for your daily laundry as well as special or challenging loads which are washed infrequently such woollens, for example. Discover more about our about our innovative range of detergent below.

“One of the best washing liquids I have ever had the pleasure of using. Washing comes out stain free and smelling amazing every time.”

Brad D, Online Shop Customer Review. TwinDos Bonus Pack.

Unique laundry solutions

Miele UltraPhase 1 and Miele UltraPhase 2 take the guesswork out of dispensing detergent.

Convenient automatic detergent dispensing with TwinDos

- Revolutionary two phase system which is suitable for both coloured and white laundry
- Doses the right amount of detergent based on the programme selected, the load size and level of soiling
- Accurate dosing results in detergent savings of up to 30%

Miele CapDosing

Simple dispensing of portioned capsules with CapDos

- Enjoy perfect results for specialised garments and fabrics thanks to portioned capsules
- No over dispensing or wasting detergent as each capsule contains the right amount of detergent for one wash cycle.
- Miele washing machines dispense the contents of the caps at the perfect time during the wash process completely automatically

Beautifully fragrant laundry with FragranceDos

- We partner with a family-run company in the south of France produce our exclusive scents for our tumble dryers
- Up to two fragrance flacons can be placed in our dryer filter to ensure your laundry is fragrant for up to 4 weeks
- For added convenience, the intensity of the scent can be adjusted to suit your personal taste

For Vibrant Mixed Coloured Laundry: UltraColor

Say goodbye to pre- and post-treating your items, as our powerful UltraColor formula does it all, saving you valuable time and effort. Packed with up to 8 high-performance enzymes, our detergents tackle even the toughest stain mishaps, ensuring spotless results at low temperatures. Additionally, our ColorProtect feature guarantees vibrant, long-lasting colour intensity, to keep your clothes looking their best

Unique dishwashing solutions

As not all off-the shelf dishwashing detergents are created equal, you can rest assured that Miele dishwashing detergents have been formulated to provide perfect results every time. Discover more about our dishwashing products below

“"Makes cleaning your dishes so simple. Just close the dishwasher and start. It even tells you when to replace the cartridge."”

Steve from Surrey Hills, NSW. Online Shop review. PowerDisk - 1 pack.

Dishwashing solutions for everyone

Whether you like the traditional method of dosing detergent with powder and tablets, or prefer the convenience of automatic detergent dispensing with the PowerDisk, Miele has a solution for you.

Miele PowerDisk in action in a Miele dishwasher

Ultimate cleaning and convenience with PowerDisk

- Manually dosing detergent is a thing of the past thanks to automatic dispensing with the integrated PowerDisk
- The PowerDisk doses the right amount of detergent based on the programme selected
- Each PowerDisk will give you approx. 20 wash cycles, which is about one month worth of washing

Miele UltraTabs

Sparkling results with UltraTabs

- Our all-in-one tablets contain all of the ingredients for an effective wash result
- Offer rinse aid, salt and glassware protection
- The wrapper is water soluble so you don’t need to handle the detergent
- Phosphate-free, meaning they are not harmful to the environment

Miele RinseAid being poured into a Miele dishwasher

Best drying results with RiseAid

- Enjoy sparkling shine for your glasses and crockery
- Contains glass protection formula to prevent against glass corrosion
- Precise and easy dispensing thanks to the honey bottle cap

Top care for many years of reliable service

Miele household appliances are distinguished by their first-class quality, a high degree of functionality, and timeless design. Miele provides care products for the flawless care of your Miele appliances. These are developed and tested in Miele laboratories in collaboration with selected manufacturers.

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