Celebrate 125 years of Miele

Whether you are looking to refresh your kitchen or laundry, or are wanting the very latest in floorcare innovation, join us in celebrating 125 years of Miele and treat yourself to our special anniversary offers.

Why Miele rangehoods?

Complimenting your Miele cooktop, your new Miele rangehood can provide optimum filtration of smoke, steam, and odours from your kitchen, perfectly adapted to the size of the room or personal requirements. Whether modern, classic or unusual: Miele offers a broad range of very modern rangehoods with the legendary Miele quality. Enjoy intuitive operation through innovative convenience such as Con@ctivity on selective Miele rangehoods, reliable functions and outstanding quality right down to the very last detail.

The right solution for every home

Wall-mounted and Island rangehoods

Miele wall-mounted or island cooker hoods boast clean, strong lines and perfect workmanship. The classic wall-mounted cooker hood is available in a puristic stainless-steel look or as a modern variant featuring lots of glass and a slanted screen. The island variant is a real eye-catcher and forms an attractive design highlight at the centre of your kitchen.

Built-in rangehoods

Miele slimline, built-under and slot-in cooker hoods are suitable for classic installation in and under kitchen wall units. Extractor units offer virtually unlimited design freedom. They are ideal for customised solutions; for example, installation in the kind of brick chimney breast that is typical of country-style kitchens.

Ceiling extractors

Miele ceiling extractors are perfect for discreet installation above cooking islands. This makes them ideal for open-plan kitchens, as they ensure an unobstructed view into the living area.

Automatic operation for intelligent fan control

Achieving optimum extraction of kitchen vapours and odours – while also saving energy: a Miele rangehood equipped with Con@ctivity does this automatically. Miele Con@ctivity enables the rangehood to communicate with the cooker. Information gathered from your Miele cooktop is transmitted to the rangehood. The rangehood then uses this data to automatically select the correct fan setting to ensure the optimum room climate at all times.

Three benefits of Miele Rangehoods

Safety switch-off

The rangehood will switch off automatically after 10 hours. This ensures maximum safety even in the event of operating errors.

Automatic fan run-on

The automatic fan run-on ensures the full extraction of steam and odours still in the air after cooking. The rangehood can be set to switch off automatically after 5 or 15 minutes.

Filter indicator

If the grease or active charcoal filter of your Miele cooker hood is saturated, it is indicated by a lit-up red LED. Your filter should then be cleaned or replaced as soon as possible.

ECO motor - The heart of Miele rangehoods

Select Miele rangehoods feature ECO motors which work up to 50%* more economically than conventional motors. They are also very quiet but still as powerful as the motors in other Miele rangehoods.

*Difference in energy consumption of identical DA 9091 W hoods to DA 9298 W (with ECO motor).

How wide does your rangehood need to be?

How wide does the rangehood need to be? This depends firstly on the width of the cooktop and secondly on the size of your kitchen. It is important for the rangehood to be slightly wider than the cooktop below it. Only then can you be certain of capturing all the rising steam and vapours and benefit fully from the rangehood’s power. If there is not enough space for this, then the rangehood should be at least as wide as the cooktop. For kitchens of small or medium size we recommend rangehoods between 50 cm and 80 cm wide. For large and open kitchens we recommend rangehoods between 90 cm and 120 cm wide.

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