Why Miele?

Since being founded in 1899 in our hometown of Germany, we have been dedicated to our brand promise of Immer Besser – Forever Better. With a dedicated customer base in over 50 countries across the globe, we have built our brand to become the world’s leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances.

But what exactly does Immer Besser signify and what is it that makes our appliances stand apart? This month, we took a deep dive into what ‘Forever Better’ means, by speaking to architects, chefs and customers to find out their perspective.

New Zealand Kitchen Designer’s

We all want a designer kitchen, and when it comes to investing in one of the most important rooms in the home, how do you know what will add value to you the home chef and what will add true value to your property? At Miele we’re passionate about the craftmanship of our product, from the way it blends seamlessly into your kitchen design, through to the enjoyment you experience over the years.

Three exceptionally talented New Zealand designers tell us why they pick Miele for their client’s homes.

Morgan Cronin, Designer

Morgan is known for his bespoke designs and making a big impact on the space.

“My kitchens along with Miele products are both functional, well considered, precise, off good quality and aesthetically pleasing. In my opinion they are an innovative brand who offer a reliable, built-to-last product which is a good investment for your kitchen. I choose Miele because of this function and form.”

Davinia Sutton, Designer

Davinia has an array of awards for both Kitchen and Bathroom design and is extremely passionate about the total spatial design and the impact this has on our lives.

“I have a desire to make a change to our surrounding environment and what this bigger impact is on not only on our design community but on the environment. Miele’s vision and direction towards sustainability makes it a brand I choose.”

Mal Corboy, Designer

Mal’s passion for kitchen design stems back to his days as a cabinet maker. His desire to design and making quality product has established him as a prestigious New Zealand Designer.

“As a designer I am really trying to think of how a product will last, where did it come from and what is it made of. I always advise my clients that they are making an investment when it comes to their kitchen and you want to invest in a product that will last. If I have to pick my favourite Miele appliance it’s any one of their dishwashers. The quietness of this machine, for me, is the key feature and they are built to last.”

Jane Wilson, Miele Customer

One of our favourite stories is from loyal and long-time customer, Jane Wilson, who had her washing machine for almost 40 years, trusting it with her most delicate fabrics. We sat down with Jane a little while ago to learn more about the history of her Miele washing machine and to hear why she chooses Miele’s genuine craftmanship.

Miele makes my life easier for a number of reasons. I adore Miele’s simple to use functions, the elegance of the design, the way the controls are configured and the overall look and experience that comes along with the brand. Design is really important to me, particularly industrial design, and Miele products incorporate the simplicity of that design, whilst remaining convenient for domestic purposes.” says Jane.

Read the full article about Jane and watch the video here:

Maggie Beer, much-loved Australian cook

We all want appliances that will make our lives easier. We make this possible every day with intuitive technology and a range of convenient functions to help our customers save time and switch off while their Miele does all the work.

Australian chef Maggie Beer spoke with us about how she ensures her meals are always to the highest quality, but made super simple thanks to Miele.

I am always looking for something that will make food taste better and using quality produce is the heart of every good meal I cook. To do this justice, it means using the best quality appliances every time, and I use Miele. Cooking intricate desserts such as a verjuice custard dessert can be quite difficult in a conventional oven but in the Miele Steam Oven it’s a piece of cake, I simply set the oven, and forget.” says Maggie. “One of the things I love about Miele is they are always innovating and that allows me to take my cooking to another level.

Watch Maggie’s secret cooking tips and chat with Miele here:

Alison Irving, Miele Customer

There are things which are sentimental, which we can’t live without, and there are things which are practical, hardworking, and not broken so do not need replacing. Our customer Alison Irving has one of the most well-travelled washing machines in the world.

Originally from Scotland, Alison purchased her Miele Novotronic 5kg washing machine in 1996 and fell in love with its reliability and quality. When Alison moved to New Zealand in 1999 and then Australia in 2005, her trusty Miele travelled with her.

“I purchased my Miele purely because it was solidly built and came with a 5-year warranty – something that was hard to find! The machine worked beautifully and when we moved to New Zealand in 1999, I didn’t want to leave my Miele behind. In 2005, we moved to Australia and again, our Miele came along with us. It has become part of the family,” said Alison.

Read the full article about Alison here: Journey of the 23-year-old Miele washing machine

Ashley Alexander, Recipe Developer and Food Stylist

Another person who uses our kitchen appliances is Ashley Alexander, long-time Miele customer and the founder of Gather and Feast website.

Ashley is passionate about creating delicious meals using the best quality ingredients. Ashley’s Miele appliance of choice is her steam oven which guarantees perfect results, time after time.

Gather and Feast brings together two very important concepts for me, people and food, I love bringing them together in an all-encompassing way, and my favourite Miele kitchen appliance is my Miele Steam Oven. I love that I can steam perfect eggs, prepare and steam vegetables and create incredible desserts like my steamed black forest mud cake with vanilla mascarpone and vanilla cherry jam with complete ease and perfect results,” explains Ashley.

Watch Ashley’s chat with the Miele team here:

There any many reasons why Miele appliances improve our customer’s lives and continue to live up to our promise of Immer Besser. For more information about Miele, our values and our qualities visit: https://www.miele.co.nz/


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