Get the most out of your baking and steam cooking

Explore the full capability of your appliance’s functions with Miele’s oven and steam oven accessories. Custom made to perfectly fit your appliance’s interior, we offer a wide assortment of specialty items that facilitates baking, roasting and steaming with the utmost ease.

Discover our range of oven accessories


Simply fitted to the side runners of the oven, Miele FlexiClip runners allow baking trays, wire racks and Gourmet oven dishes to be pulled clear of the oven compartment, and are held safely and securely in any position. This handy accessory can be installed on up to 3 shelf levels for ultimate convenience.

Gourmet oven dishes

Whether you’re preparing a delicious potato gratin, a succulent roast or a humble oven bake – Miele’s gourmet oven dishes are highly versatile accessory to have within your kitchen. Simply inserted into the side rack or securely positioned onto Miele’s FlexiClip runners, the dishes are crafted from die-cast aluminium with a high-quality non-stick coating which prevents food from sticking.

Miele perforated round tray

Baking trays

Enjoy crispy home-made pizzas, flaky croissants or perfectly browned tarts with our wide selection of Miele baking trays. Achieve professional results with accessories designed to utilize the different functions of Miele ovens.

How to cook the perfect crispy roasted potatoes

Discover how entertaining connoisseur, Ella Edwards uses a range of Miele accessories to elevate her cooking results to a whole new level.

Get the most out of your induction cooktop

The accessories for Miele’s induction cooktops are specifically designed for them, ensuring fast, superior performance whilst facilitating more versatile use of your cooking zones.

Discover our range of induction accessories

Miele induction cookware on display with food ingredients

Induction cookware set

For everything you need to get started with induction cooking, Fiskars have exclusively developed a cookware set for passionate home chefs who appreciate the best tools in the kitchen. With 1 frying pan, 1 saucepan, 2 casseroles and a luxurious matt brush finish, these tools will be utilised for years to come.

Miele Tepan-Yaki

Tepan Yaki

For maximum versatility with PowerFlex and Full surface induction cooktops, Miele’s Tepan Yaki plate delivers. This premium multi-layer stainless steel plate is means you can achieve flawlessly even cooking results, whether preparing quickly seared vegetables, burgers, or even the perfect golden hued pancakes.

Miele gourmet griddle

Gourmet griddle plate

Delivering an authentic BBQ experience thanks to the corrugated surface, the griddle plate is ideal for grilling vegetables, skewers, proteins and much, much more. Four silicone feet hold the accessory firmly in position while cooking, and the high quality non-stick coating means cleaning is effortless.

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