Sustainability at Miele

Immer Besser: For the planet, our only home.

Why we care about sustainability

Our planet is going through some profound changes – changes that we are just beginning to feel the consequences of. We all have a responsibility to do everything we can to ensure a brighter, more sustainable future – from the largest multinational to the smallest family home. ‘Immer Besser’ defines Miele’s commitment to always do better in everything we do. It keeps motivating us to make better, smarter appliances so the homes and businesses they serve become more sustainable, from one generation to the next.

On this page you can find out what we’re doing on our journey to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Our pledges for the planet

As the race to save our only home is ever-accelerating, our commitment to evolve our ambitions is too.
To continue our journey Miele commits to the following sustainability pledges.

Make sustainability happen at every step

We continuously work towards making sustainability essential at every stage of our products and services’ life cycle – as well as in all of our value chains, and in the homes of our customers.

Make appliances that won’t leave a mark

Miele is dedicated to producing the best possible products and services with the least impact on the environment, with the ultimate aim to make them 100% carbon-neutral.

End waste by giving our appliances new life

We are working towards creating a circular value chain with net-zero waste for all materials used in our appliances to re-enter the loop at the end of their lifecycle.

Fully sustainable ‘pop-up’ house

Located at Melbourne’s Federation square, the Greenhouse-Future Food System is a self-sustaining, closed loop, two-bedroom home that will shelter, feed and provide energy for its inhabitants. The human driven system will mimic nature – upcycling what we currently regard as ‘waste’, in order to grow nutrient dense, delicious produce. Every Miele appliance featured in the house has been carefully considered to ensure they meet high expectations for energy saving and efficiency.

New Zealand's most energy efficient 8 kg dryer.*

Introducing the Miele TWF 720 – New Zealand's most energy efficient 8 kg dryer.* This appliance features exclusive Miele technology such as EcoDry, an automatic operating system that minimises energy consumption and drying times thanks to the Miele filter system and maintenance-free heat exchange. * as at 11th May, 2020

Together, we can make a positive difference

Small changes in our everyday lives can make a big difference for the planet. Here are just three ‘Home Hacks’ to help you use your Miele products more efficiently and ensure sustainability starts at home.

Wash single pieces resourcefully with Miele

To save water and energy, the washing machine should be loaded to maximum capacity if the textiles allow it. Miele’s SingleWash feature also helps to conserve resources when washing individual items.

Let Miele dishwashers do their thing

They use less energy and half the water as washing the dishes by hand, so having a Miele dishwasher is good for the planet and good for your hands!

Use detergents mindfully

Careful dosing of cleaning products helps to protect the environment. With TwinDos – Miele’s automatic dosing system – dosing is even easier and you can save up to 30% of detergent*. *compared to manual dosing

The Circular Economy

Our planet has a finite amount of resources. This means that we can’t continue to simply use and discard products. Instead, we need to evolve to a more conscious, circular system. The aim is to make appliances last longer, repair them if necessary, and reuse and recycle parts and materials in order to avoid waste. All this will help reduce our environmental footprint.

For more than 120 years, we've been building appliances to last

Even ultimate performance is nothing without long-lasting reliability. That’s why we combine constant innovation with expert craftsmanship – the meticulous devotion to detail that makes sure that our machines are built to last.

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