Celebrate 125 years of Miele

Whether you are looking to refresh your kitchen or laundry, or are wanting the very latest in floorcare innovation, join us in celebrating 125 years of Miele and treat yourself to our special anniversary offers.

Why your next dryer should be a Miele tumble dryer

Miele tumble dryers come with an abundance of incredible new features to complement our washing machines. As sustainability is incredibly important to us at Miele, our designers have kept this front of mind when developing the latest features for the next generation of dryers. The heat-pump dryer includes a Honeycomb drum for gentle care of garments, 12 drying programmes and the Pre-Ironing feature to minimise the need for ironing. Continue down this page to learn more about the benefits of Miele dryers.

Benefits of Miele dryers

Precise drying thanks to PerfectDry

What’s great about our PerfectDry feature is that your laundry dries perfectly – even if the water contains significant amounts of calcium. PerfectDry takes the current calcium content of water into account and precisely adjusts the drying process, ensuring that the selected drying level is always achieved.

Efficient drying with EcoDry Technology

Miele EcoDry technology ensures long-term low energy consumption and short drying times. Consisting of a perfectly tuned filtration system and a maintenance-free heat exchanger, this system ensures fluff does not settle and build up on the heat exchanger, preventing longer running times and higher running costs.

Gentle results with the Honeycomb drum

Our unique honeycomb drum has been crafted for perfectly uniform drying results. The special structure of the drum means the laundry is lifted higher in the rotating drum, allowing items to hover for longer in the warm air stream. Air pockets form in the individual hexagons and cushion the fall of laundry. This ensures that your laundry is treated much more gently and is less creased after drying to make ironing easier.

Discover Miele's extensive range of 10 star tumble dryers

Experience exceptional results with our extensive range of 10 star heat pump dryers in New Zealand. Take advantage of Miele exclusive features such as the Eco Dry technology within all heat pump dryers, delivering 10 stars across a large portion of the range.

FragranceDos and our flacons

Miele fragrance flacons – available in various fragrances – perfume your laundry with your favourite scent during drying. A family-run company in the south of France, which has been creating perfumes since 1871, produces our bespoke fragrances. Using a patented process, their perfume specialists ensure that the essential oils in the perfume are preserved. Laundry with a natural fragrance that lasts for up to 4 weeks!

Add Forgotten Items with AddLoad

We have all found ourselves needing to add forgotten items to a drying cycle from time to time. Whether it be a pair of jeans, a blouse or just a sock, our AddLoad function means you can easily add laundry items that you’ve forgotten – up until shortly before the end of the programme.

Demystifying tumble dryers

Whether you’re in the market for a sleek new machine to fit into your modern home renovation or a reliable system for your family that gives perfect results every time, we have tumble dryers that tick all of the boxes.

Wash and dry in one simple process

Our washer dryers allow you to wash and dry your clothes in the one simple process, eliminating the need of having to return to the laundry to remove your garments and load into the tumble dryer. Equipped with our iconic technologies such as TwinDos, PowerWash and Steam smoothing, these appliances are often selected as a convenient and space saving solution, however also make the perfect accompaniment to a Miele washing machine and tumble dryer for anyone looking to simplify their lifestyle.

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