Built to Last: The 37-year old dishwasher that’s still cleaning dishes today

At Miele, we’ve been manufacturing dishwashers made from quality German engineering since 1929 and have a passion for creating products that exceed our customer’s expectations, make their lives easier and stand the test of time. Recently, we had one of our
dedicated customers, Charles Scicluna, reach out to us to share the story of his 37-year old dishwasher.

Charles’ dishwasher has made three moves around Melbourne, seen his family grow from two to four and has been reliable throughout the whole journey. Read on to hear Charles’ full story.

Miele: Hi Charles, can you tell us about yourself and why you got in touch?

Charles: I am originally from Campbellfield and first purchased my Miele dishwasher in 1982, just before our first child was born. I was working as a boilermaker at the time and we wanted a dishwasher that would help us save time when doing the dishes, so we could focus on our family that was starting to grow.

I’ve had my Miele dishwasher for 37 years and wanted to share my story as I’ve been so impressed by the quality engineering and its truly become a permanent part of our family – its moved house with us three times and every time I’ve had to tell our real estate agent that it was coming with us!

Miele: That’s amazing! Do you still have dishwasher now?

Charles: We still own our original dishwasher, although we have since also bought another. The original one has never missed a beat, however, only the cold-water setting is working now so we thought it was time for an upgrade and have since purchased new Miele appliances for our home.

About ten years ago a wire broke in our original machine and a Miele service team came out to fix it. They said they hadn’t seen that type of dishwasher in years, but it was an easy fix so lasted us for so much longer, right until we upgraded to new appliances a short time ago.

Since buying our first dishwasher, I know that Miele provides genuine quality appliances that are going to last me for life! We’ve now purchased a Miele oven, rangehood and microwave and passed on our love for Miele to our children as we know that they’ve been built to last.

Miele: Do you believe that your Miele dishwasher impacts the way your dishes are cleaned?

Charles: Every time I go to unload the dishwasher everything is washed to perfection! Plates sparkle and are whiter than before which is why I’ve invested in Miele appliances time and time again – a lot of my friend’s tell me how hard it is to keep their dishes clean and all I tell them is that they need a Miele.

Miele: Any last comments you would like to add?

Charles: Not only have Miele products been made with quality engineering and technology but even their service is great. We’ve always had a great experience in the Miele Experience Centres and they’re always installed by an expert team that are more than happy to help.

The friendly staff at Miele Experience centres are the first to ask me if I need any help and they take the time to answer your questions, no matter how big or small! Every time I visit I feel like I’m walking into a welcoming environment that’s more than just a store.

Our range of dishwashers have been made to help make your lives easier, with features such as QuickPowerWash for excellent cleaning performance in just 58 minutes, and an AutoOpen drying function that allows for fresh dishes and a quick dry at the end of every washing programme. They come in a range of different designs and finishes for your home, including built-in, integrated and freestanding to ensure they seamlessly fit into any kitchen.

Discover the beyond brilliant results of Miele G 6600 series dishwashers. Find out more here.


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