Choosing The Right Rangehood For Your Kitchen

Designing your kitchen is a process shaped by your personal tastes, space constraints and your lifestyle preferences.

“It’s where it all happens,” says Gold Coast Interior Designer Donna Guyler.

“It’s where families gather for a fast-tracked brekky or where friends gather for a glass of wine and a catch up,” she said.

Central to this design process is your choice of oven, cooktop, and of course, the rangehood. These three appliances become the focal point in the kitchen – the place where your recipes come to life.

The style of the most appropriate cooktop/rangehood combination will depend to a large degree on the layout, position and overall design of the kitchen.

Some kitchens lend themselves to making this area a real highlight whilst, in other instances, it may be preferable to discreetly conceal the rangehood in the kitchen cabinetwork.

Miele offers a wide range of rangehood designs to perfectly complement any well-made kitchen. Many models are equipped with Miele’s unique Con@ctivity function, whereby the rangehood will automatically respond to and adjust its settings according to what is happening on a Con@ctivity-compatible Miele cooktop below.

Slimline design for practical integration

Miele’s Slimline rangehoods combine the benefits of unobtrusive design with outstanding performance.

The practical slide-out screen maximises the size of the vapour catchment area, and most models feature light-touch electronic controls with LED lighting.    Options include models with integrated motors, or remote motors which can be installed either on an external wall, on the roof, or in adjoining spaces such as a butler’s pantry or garage.

A rangehood for social gatherings

An island rangehood allows for the creation of fine food to be a focal point of your kitchen with family and friends sharing the experience.

“This type of rangehood is great for people who cook often and especially those who love to cook while they’re entertaining,” said ‘Two Birds’ Interior Designer Kristie Peel based in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

The island rangehood makes a bold statement, with form and function combining to provide a highlight in your kitchen.

Miele currently offers two types of island hoods in Australia. Most popular is an elegant stainless steel canopy with motorised height-adjustment, which means the canopy can be brought close to the cooktop to optimise vapour extraction during use, whilst after cooking the canopy can be raised again to provide an unobstructed view across the cooking island.

The other type of Miele island rangehood is suspended from the ceiling with four metal wires and seems to float above the cooktop.

Specifically designed for recirculating operation, the integrated active charcoal cartridges effectively absorb cooking odours.

Both models feature fully electronic controls with many programmable functions and, like all Miele rangehoods, a 10-layer stainless steel grease filter as well as the integrated CleanCover which prevents the user from inadvertently coming into contact with electrical wires or any of the working components when cleaning the hood after removing the filters.

Combine minimalistic design with effective performance

“An integrated rangehood fits seamlessly into your kitchen, creating a minimalist and clean space,” says Ms Peel.

Miele offers a wide range of models, available in different widths and depths, to deliver the best possible performance, depending on the type of cooktop underneath.

Top-of-the-range models feature edge extraction panels, which not only enhance the visual appearance of the filter area but also offer practical benefits in daily use.

Two relatively new options for minimalistic design are Miele’s Downdraught Extractor, which is integrated in the kitchen bench behind the cooktop and raised and activated at the touch of a button, and Miele’s ceiling extractor, which sits flush with the kitchen ceiling or in a suitable bulkhead, and which is supplied with its own remote control. Both units are suitable for either air extraction or recirculation.

When bold meets brilliant

Wall mounted rangehoods demand your attention.

Ms Guyler says “The budding chef prefers this type of rangehood as it is robust and dominant.”

Miele’s collection of wall mounted decor hoods boast clean lines and perfect workmanship, with the stainless steel canopies finished and polished by hand in Miele’s rangehood factory in Arnsberg, Germany.

The latest addition to the range, Miele’s unique and elegant DA 6996W ‘PEARL’ recently won an Australian Good Design Award. Featuring a brilliant white concave glass canopy with integrated LED down light, this powerful and quiet rangehood is a stand out in any kitchen.

To find our more information about Miele rangehoods, click here.


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