Cooking With Colour

A well-known adage among chefs is that we “eat with our eyes”. In fact, when it comes to our senses, forget the aromatic smells of a coq au vin or the crunch of a freshly baked baguette – it all starts with what we see on our plate.

Choosing what colours to cook with has both visual and nutritional implications.

Eat the rainbow

“Try to go for a rainbow on a plate,” says Sydney Nutritionist Fiona Tuck, with more than 25 years-experience in the health and wellness industry.

“You want the reds, the purples, orange, yellow, green, and a variety of different colours because they all contain different nutrients and have different health benefits,” Ms Tuck said.

With Spring in full swing, there’s no better time to start livening up your homemade cuisine with bold colours and vibrant textures.

First impressions do count

“First impressions of food – whether it be a quick mid-week dinner platter or a five-course degustation – begins with our eyes,” says Food Stylist, Gemma Lush who has been part of Sydney’s styling circuit for more than five years.

“If it looks delicious, you want to eat it. Use colour to create a mood before you’ve even had a bite,” Ms Lush added.

Whether your style is rustic or clean cut, have fun with the colours you create, says Sydney Food Stylist Jane Collins.

Ms Collins started her career as a formally trained chef and has been styling food for more than 15 years. It is not just about the food, says Ms Collins, but also the tableware you choose to place your culinary creation on.

“My favourite ceramics are neutral greys or soft subtle whites because they bring out all the natural vibrancy of a beautifully prepared meal. Adding a garnish of green herbs or leaves makes a big difference,” added Ms Collins.

Another interesting way of cooking with colour is using a monochromatic palette, says Ms Collins.

“Using a few tones of the same colour can really make an impact on the plate,” she added.

Designed to trick your taste and visual senses, monochromatic cooking has become an increasingly popular trend. By using ingredients and flavours to make one colour palette, your mind is tricked into assuming what flavours you will be eating, based on what your eyes have seen.

Showcase nutrition with steam

When it comes to the type of cooking, Ms Tuck says that steaming is not only the best way of showcasing the natural vibrancy of your ingredients; it’s also the healthier option.

“By retaining the colour of your ingredients you’re also retaining the majority of the nutrients as well,” said Ms Tuck.

It’s never been easier to cook vibrant, beautiful dishes for friends and family than with Miele.

Steaming doesn’t involve any water loss, which also helps to maximise nutrition content, says Fiona Tuck. For an extra health kick, Tuck recommends drizzling some extra virgin olive oil over your veggies once they’re cooked.

“Fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed better when they’re eaten with fats or oils such as olive oil,” Ms Tuck said.

Miele’s Steam Oven and  Steam Combination Oven are as elegant as they are innovative, with steam technology like no other.

“Miele allows the home cook to steam their way to culinary mastery with appliances that are sophisticated, versatile and a welcome addition to any kitchen,” says Kylie Taylor, Miele Built-In Product Manager.

Miele’s Steam Oven and Steam Combination Oven offer ideal steam quantity, optimum temperature, and cooking precision regardless of how much is in the oven.

“These state-of-the-art features ensure your meal looks just as good coming out of the oven as it did going in,” Ms Taylor added.

The longer you cook your ingredients, the more nutrients you lose, according to Ms Tuck. “You see it with the colour vanishing.

“When you’ve overcooked broccoli, it goes from a beautiful vibrant green to a yellow brown colour,” Ms Tuck said.

Miele’s MultiSteam Technology means you don’t have to worry, with a fast and even distribution of steam in the cabinet and around your dishes ensuring a perfect result, every time, without mixing the flavours.

Start creating some bright culinary delights with Miele here:

Daikon taco yellowfin tuna with puffed wheat berries and yuzu gel

Warm salad of green beans with almonds and hot and sour dressing

White chocolate and macadamia slice




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