Cool Innovations in Fridge-Freezers

Some in-the-know entertainers and passionate cooks have an unfair advantage even before they start cooking. Their secret – increasingly hidden behind slick kitchen cabinetry – is to equip themselves with the latest technology in fridge-freezer design so they can use the freshest quality produce with the greatest of ease. Find out how the professionals get a head start by familiarising yourself with these latest innovations in fridge-freezer design.

Optimum food quality – Climate control

To retain the vitamins, minerals and freshness of your food for longer, Miele created PerfectFresh: sealed compartments in the refrigerator with micro-climates, where you can adjust the setting to control the humidity and temperature based on the type of food being stored.

The Fridge-Freezer expert at Miele’s Experience Centre in Freemans Bay, Peter Frith, said “There are several settings to preserve different food types. One setting is perfect for fish, meat and cheese, another is perfect for fruit and another setting is ideal for vegetables.

“The technology works by trapping moisture so the food you are storing doesn’t dry out or go off quickly,” Peter said.

Odour free

Another of Miele’s climate control innovations is DuplexCool where you control the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer separately and there is no air exchange between the areas. This keeps food from drying out and eliminates the transfer of odours.

Miele’s Active AirClean Filter uses nature’s charcoal and chitosan to eliminate virtually any odour from the refrigerator.

Better quality frozen meats – One touch superfreeze

A feature that sets Miele apart is its superfreeze button that freezes meats more quickly to retain its quality.

Peter says: “Meat can build-up ice crystals if it’s frozen too slowly. By pressing Miele’s superfreeze button, your meat will freeze as quickly as possible so it won’t spoil.”

The Master of Cool – Size & design matters

Miele’s MasterCool premium range of refrigerators and freezers are suitable for entertainers and large families, as their capacity is roughly twice the size of the average fridge, and their design is far superior.

Peter Frith said: “The MasterCool range is the ultimate in fridge-freezers. The MasterCool range is wide enough to put large platters of food directly into the fridge.

It’s now possible to place shelving anywhere you want inside the refrigerator doors. The interior of Miele’s MasterCool refrigerators have metal tracks where you ‘drop and lock’ the shelving at any height you like.

“The MasterCool range enables you to easily adjust the lighting, shelving and temperature for your convenience,” he said.

Soft and self closing doors

This innovation makes food preparation a breeze. Miele has designed soft closing refrigerator doors that close automatically without rattling any glass bottles.

Compact IceMaker

This automatically creates up to 100 fresh ice cubes per day with or without mains water connection AND without taking up a quarter of your refrigerator!

Serious ‘interior design’

The quality of lighting inside the refrigerator has dramatically improved with Miele’s new LED glass shelf lighting that brightens the interior with unparalleled brilliance and without glare.

This is in addition to interior roof top LED lighting, or halogen lighting with side lights that brighten the whole refrigerator so you can see everything.

Flexible storage. Miele’s VarioRoom enables you to adjust and remove drawers and glass shelving in the freezer to store large or bulky frozen items.

Outside design – Style & function

Miele’s appliances are designed to easily complement each other, either side-by-side or integrated behind kitchen cabinetry.

“There’s a growing trend where people chose side-by-side refrigerators and freezers and hide them behind kitchen fronts, so they integrate seamlessly into the design of your kitchen,” Peter Frith said.

Miele offers pre-purchase demonstrations on all of its products at its eight Miele Experience Centres across Australia and New Zealand. The centres provide customers with an opportunity to experience fridge-freezers and other products first hand with the help of a product expert in a luxurious setting.

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