Current Kitchen Colour Trends

When it comes to choosing the colour for your kitchen, the good news is that there is no one look to ensure your kitchen is on-trend. Instead, there are several evolving design trends to choose from to create the look and feel you want.

While kitchen colour experts agree whites and neutral colour palettes are popular, this is evolving with the addition of rich metal and natural elements to add warmth to a living space. There is also a move toward darker neutrals, along with matching kitchen appliances to create a streamlined, minimalist look.

Darker neutrals emerge

One emerging trend that is shaping an exciting new look for the kitchen is the emergence of darker neutrals.

Industrial Designer of luxury kitchen brand Dan Kitchens Australia, Graeme Metcalf, says: “We’re seeing darker, neutral tones across all elements of the kitchen, whether it’s taps handles, cabinetry, appliances, splashbacks and benchtops. Most surfaces are matte, particularly with taps and handles in jet black.”

“Cabinetry on the other hand is slightly lighter, more of a charcoal, either in satin polyurethane or dark stained timber veneer.”

Image: Caesarstone Australia

Modern industrial evolves

Another style currently on-trend and one that continues to evolve in kitchen design is the modern industrial look, according to Linda Hannah, from Caesarstone Australia.

“This trending look, which really suits high-end modern homes, includes concrete colour benchtops ranging from fresh light warm greys, through to dark and rustic greys with natural patinas,” Linda said.

The modern industrial look has influenced innovations in cabinetry and built-in appliances reflecting the style’s minimalist aesthetic. Cabinetry has become more streamlined with no handles, as have appliances that open with the touch of a button – and operate via a touch screen.

Rich metals and natural stones

Graeme says: “We are seeing gold, brass and copper highlights making a comeback and are most evident in pendant lighting, taps and handles. These rich coloured materials are being paired with natural stone, such as marble benchtops and splashbacks, often together with Shaker or V grooved doors and timber flooring.”

Linda agrees that naturals is another trend, saying: “There’s a resurgence of marble inspired benchtops designs. People are pairing really light natural timber cabinetry with benchtops in our neutral base colours that have beautiful veining.”

Image: Dan Kitchens Australia

Natural textures and materials

Graeme says: “People want to add more warmth and texture into the kitchen using natural materials like timber and stone. Cabinetry made of timber and veneers such as walnut and American oak are being combined with natural stone benchtops such as marble and granite. The trend toward engineered oak flooring continues to steam ahead.”

Matching cabinetry and appliance colours

While once the colour theme of a kitchen was influenced by highly visible white or stainless appliances, new variants, such as the recently introduced Graphite Grey and Obsidian Black appliances in Miele’s ArtLine range, enables a seamless colour block in your kitchen.

Graeme says: “It’s an exciting time with appliances now being made available in alternative materials and colours. It gives us designers far more design avenues to explore and helps us eliminate the usual highly visible appliances.”

Image: Miele ArtLine in Graphite Grey

Pulling it all together

Colour specialist for DuluxGroup, Andrea Lucena-Orr, says that when it comes to determining colour for a kitchen, it’s “important to understand the undertones of tiles, benches and cabinetry. Colour needs to either work with these or introduce a contrast.”

“If it’s a light kitchen maybe try to add a contrasting colour to change mood. Darker colours can really add a different atmosphere and completely change the perception of space.”


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