Discover Freedom In The Kitchen With Miele’s Perfect Union Of Cooktop & Extractor

You can enjoy an unobstructed view and be part of the conversation while cooking with Miele’s new, TwoInOne cooktop that combines advanced induction technology with an integrated extractor.

Perfect for the open plan kitchen or cooking from an island bench, Miele’s TwoInOne induction cooktop relinquishes the need for an overhead rangehood or kitchen cabinets, removing cooking odours or vapours exactly where they are produced on the cooktop, according to James Cameron, Miele Australia Product Manager.

Focus on cooking

“Whether you are frying or steaming, the TwoInOne induction cooktop is really intuitive and lets you focus on cooking,” James said.

The 80cm wide TwoInOne induction cooktop features a central exhaust that absorbs cooking vapours and odours, while also featuring Con@ctivity 2.0, so its settings are controlled by the cooktop.

“Con@ctivity 2.0 automatically turns the extractor on when you start cooking, increases in intensity as you adjust the cooking temperature, and turns itself off when you are finished,”  he added.

Elegant design, smart functions

“On the surface, all you see is a sleek ceramic induction surface that is halved by a central grille.  The technical components of the exhaust are easily hidden within the cabinetry,” James said.

“Thanks to the compact design, the extractor takes up very little space and leaves plenty of room for important and valuable kitchen storage.”

The ceramic cooktop is frameless and can be installed flush or surface-mounted.  The elegant design is supported by versatile Powerflex technology.

“PowerFlex technology enables you to cook with oversized pots and pans, as it combines two smaller rings to activate a larger surface area to cook on.

“Some other favourite features include the TwinBooster mode, which enables rapid heating if you’re in a hurry. You can boil a large volume of water in next to no time!

“The KeepWarm function enables you to keep cooked food at a serving temperature, while you focus on another menu item. The technology monitors the temperature in the base of the pan, so the food will stay warm without burning to the pan base.

“The Stop&Go mode comes in handy if you have to attend to something else in a hurry.  One touch of a button lets you reduce all power zones to level one. When you return, another touch of a button will reinstate the previous power levels.”

Safe, quiet & easy-to-clean

“The popularity of induction cooktops has no doubt been driven by how quickly they heat pans and how easy they are to wipe clean” says James.

The ceramic glass is very easy to clean. Splatters and other types of soiling are easy to remove thanks to the smooth surface. The surface is designed to resist heat transfer, making it exceptionally safe.

The TwoInOne cooktop extractor can easily be removed and placed in the dishwasher. It features a recessed 10-ply stainless-steel grease filter, housed in a practical filter box for optimum grease separation.

To discover more about Miele’s new TwoInOne appliance, click here.


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