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Australians are innovative cooks, eager to experiment with new recipes and techniques and to explore exotic tastes and flavours.

Whether we’re cooking a romantic meal for two, a mid-week dinner for friends or a roast for an all-in family get together, we strive for cuisine perfection.

And while the freshness of the produce and the techniques we use to bring it all together is important, the one thing that can make or break a meal is the oven.

It is any home chef’s worst scenario to have an oven malfunction in the middle of a three-course meal. Equally as frustrating is getting the oven at the right temperature throughout the cooking process, to deliver precision cooking.

“No matter how great a cook you are, you really need an oven that is up to the task of your Michelin star meal,” says Kylie Taylor, Miele Built-In Product Manager.

“Miele’s core oven range is the ultimate sous chef with features that help deliver a meal cooked to perfection. The range really showcases what Miele is all about – quality craftsmanship, value and superiority in the kitchen.”

Longevity you can rely on

Miele ovens are German engineered and tested to run for 4,000 operating hours, which is the equivalent of four hours per week for 20 years. Hinges are also tested by opening and closing the doors 24,000 times, and the enamel trays are subjected to scourer tests 100,000 times.

Effortless cleaning

Another highlight of Miele’s oven range is the ease of cleaning. Select oven interiors and baking trays are coated with Miele’s PerfectClean – an enamel that has unique non-stick properties, ensuring easy maintenance.

“With Miele, arduous scrubbing is a thing of the past – all you need to keep your oven sparkling clean is water, a dash of washing up liquid and a microfibre cloth,” says Taylor.

To make cleaning even easier, some ovens are equipped with Pyrolytic Cleaning – that is, an automatic self-cleaning function. Reaching up to 440⁰C, residues left over in your oven are simply burned to ashes, making cleaning a breeze.

Precision cooking

No matter what you’re cooking, Miele’s oven range has the ideal cooking programme for every recipe, with sophisticated functions including:

  • FanPlus: a true fan forced cooking program for gentle baking and roasting.
  • Large grill: suitable for grilling large quantities of food.
  • Fan grill: ideal for roasting meat crisp on the outside and succulent inside.
  • Conventional: multipurpose, classic function using top and bottom heat.
  • Intensive: uses bottom heat and fan element removing the need to blind bake pastry.
  • Defrosting: uses cool air to thaw frozen food, the oven is a more hygienic place to defrost than the kitchen bench.
  • Bottom heat: uses the bottom heat only, perfect for Bain Marie.
  • Rapid heat up: saving you time when you need it.

Delicious Spring recipes

Create impressive culinary delights in your Miele oven, with these beautiful, fresh Spring recipes – perfect for your next dinner party:

View Miele’s oven range online here.


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