Embracing Your UltraDark side

Clothes are not just garments, but an important part of many people’s lives. A form of expression and a tool that people use to tell a story about who they are.

A staple in many people’s wardrobes, and for good reason, is the colour black. From suits and pants, to little black dresses and everyday layering items, the uniform of many Australians and New Zealanders, particularly in the winter months, consists of darker colour palettes

As winter comes around it is important we keep our much-loved pieces lasting longer without fear of fading and discolouration.

Miele is excited to announce our new UltraDark laundry liquid, available from June. An expansion on our current range of care products for wools, delicates, sports clothes and your everyday items, UltraDark features the latest in laundry liquid technology, helping to protect and preserve darker clothes better than before.

This innovative liquid focuses on fibre protection and will shield your dark clothes from discolouring with its anti-pilling effect, smoothing fibres each time you wash to allow the dark colours to retain their intense colours for a long time.


Miele laundry care products featuring UltraDark laundry detergent

To help you further protect your winter staples, Miele has gathered some of our top tips on how to best preserve your clothing, keeping them in perfect condition all winter long.

Say goodbye to the dry cleaner

Don’t feel the need to dry clean your clothes so often. Save yourself the expense and your clothes in the process by avoiding the many harsh chemicals used that can cause expensive pieces to fade faster.

At Miele, we have a range of appliances with specific wash programmes to suit every type of clothing, allowing you to remove stains from your favourite pieces, so you’ll never have to go out of your way for a dry cleaner again!

Our exclusive Honeycomb Drum feature provides that extra ‘gentle’ care to your clothes with its hexagonal sculpted surface, allowing for a higher level of care for all your winter woollies.


Store for success

Sometimes, protecting your clothes can be as simple as choosing the right storage option.

Keep them in a cool, dry space with enough room between each item. This will ensure you avoid wrinkling and colour fading as a result of your clothes rubbing against each other.

Fold your heavy sweaters and knitted items on shelves or in drawers to prevent stretching and discolouration. Invest in wooden hangers as they will last longer and take better care of your garments.

Mastering your look

Make your clothes look the best they can with the Miele FashionMaster. This steam ironing system has the perfect combination of hand iron, steam generator, steam jet and ironing table to preserve the appearance of your clothes and make them ready to wear in no time at all.

UltraDark will be available in Miele Experience Centres and the Miele online store from June 1st 2019. For the complete Miele laundry range, visit the Auckland Miele Experience Centre or shop online. For more information on our Miele Care Collection, click here.


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