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Our homes are our castles and increasingly we are redecorating and revamping our living spaces to create havens of escape with signature decors.

A sprinkling of luxe, many designers agree, is dominating our design paradigms.

Where once the bathroom was a functional space, it’s now an architectural sanctuary where inspiration is sought from five star hotel experiences. Think freestanding baths to drift away in, 3D arty tiles, soft plush fluffy accessories and French triple milled candles to inebriate the stress of life.

Kitchens are also receiving a ‘fit for royal’ treatment with standout clean lines and statement European appliances creating stylish elegance.

It’s about our heightened appreciation for timeless quality and desire to express our personal style says interior designer and lecturer, Stephanie Kerr.

Stephanie Kerr


“Ultimately we believe we’re worth the investment and we want to show off our homes and wealth status,” she says.

Our external lives are hectic and unpredictable, she says, so we create beautiful personalised spaces to retreat to and to surround ourselves with the things we love.

“We don’t want to compromise and nor should we. The brands we choose are a natural extension of our personalities and reflect the attributes of ourselves, whether that’s the clothes or home wares we choose. Some people express themselves through Versace. Others Country Road. At home, Miele is a signature brand that tells people ‘I care about quality, design, my family and my home’.”

Kathryn Trelease, a Miele aficionado for many years, who even sports a Miele washer/dryer at her small weekend getaway spot agrees.

“Gone are the days when quantity signified more. We’re all a lot more educated about brands now and the value they represent.”

For Trelease, an architect, her attention to the clean and seamless Miele lines is more than just personal brand extension. “As architects we love the lines, look, finish and performance of Miele – even down to the door handles – and it’s usually what we will specify.”

Kathy Trelease

“Miele has a whole range that coordinates with whatever décor we design and everything works together beautifully – the edges and finishes complement our work beautifully. We want our spaces to last the test of time, for people to love them, and Miele supports our designs to achieve this.”

Kerr is also an evangelist for European design mastery and understands the importance of creating beautiful and practical spaces that will hold the owners affection for many years. “It can be a real balance but money doesn’t matter when you complete a room you love. If you compromise with the workmanship and your appliances, you will never walk into that room and love it.”

“I always advise people to purchase the best they can afford to create a space they will always love. When you choose Miele, you are saying you appreciate fine lines, design and performance”. Kerr said.

Function and form are only part of the equation say Kerr and Trelease. Of equal, if not greater importance, is the way an appliance delivers on its functional promise.

Kerr said: “When you choose Miele, you say you appreciate fine design but you also make a statement about performance. You’ve done your research.”

“I have two lads so my washing machine gets a work out and I wanted something that would see us out,” says Avalon mum and aged care worker Angelique Scarpias.

It was her merchant navy husband who initially recommended Miele. Scarpias invested in a Miele washing machine, dryer and a vacuum cleaner.

“It’s not usually the man that picks the appliances, but my husband swore by Miele. His ship supplies oil rigs off the western shelf and have used Miele for more than 10 years to handle all the heavy duty clothes and washing on board.”

Scarpias considers herself a practical person and had not thought about purchasing prestige products for the laundry. “I use the washing machine every couple of days and on the weekends a few times, and I couldn’t be happier with Miele. Our clothes always look amazing and our appliances always work perfectly.”

“When people see we have Miele they saw WOW. Investing in quality is something I would now definitely encourage people to do and will continue to do myself.”

Discover Miele’s laundry range here.


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