Experience Unparalleled Freedom and Flexibility with the G 7000 Dishwasher

Innovation is in our DNA. Since Miele was founded in 1899, we have pushed the boundaries and remained at the forefront of innovation with our pioneering technology and rich history of introducing the first of its kind appliances to our customers. In 1929, we introduced the first electronic dishwasher and now 91 years later, are delighted to introduce our New Zealand customers to the dishwasher of tomorrow, with the brand-new G 7000 Dishwasher series.

Last year, we made Miele history with our intuitive range of built-in Generation 7000 appliances, created to make everything in the kitchen as seamless, effortless and flawless as possible. Now, with the introduction of the G 7000 Dishwasher, your kitchen of tomorrow will be complete with this truly autonomous and timeless dishwasher design.

Joining the instinctive range of kitchen appliances is a dishwasher that’s smart enough to automatically dose itself, start a cycle on its own and can be switched on from any room in the house. All we’ve left for you to do is stack and unstack your dishwashing load!

Equipped with a host of revolutionary and Miele-exclusive technologies, the enhanced connectivity and intelligent features will ensure that you have consistently outstanding dishwasher results, every time.

This month, we are giving you a look into the incredible new features that you can expect to find with the new dishwasher range.

Miele G7919 Sci XXL OBSW (integrated)

Ease and convenience

The latest range of G 7000 dishwashers feature Miele’s new AutoDos function, an automatic detergent dosing system that works in tandem with the brand new PowerDisk. The all-in-one detergent works to automatically dispense the correct amount of powder needed for each washing cycle, meaning you’ll never have to worry about putting detergent or a tablet in again.

The PowerDisk will dispense the detergent at exactly the right time in the selected washing programme and measures the degree of soiling on crockery to adapt the dosage accordingly – the days of finding a piece of cutlery with leftover residue are now behind you! The intelligence of the PowerDisk gives you enough detergent for approximately 20 cleaning cycles based on average household usage.

Similar to the Generation 7000 built-in cooking range, selected G 7000 Dishwashers are connectivity enabled and can be controlled and monitored via the Miele@mobile app. Running out of clean dishes because you forgot to press start will become a thing of the past with our unique AutoStart programme, allowing you to set your dishwasher to begin at pre-set times that suit you.

A host of innovations

Alongside our incredibly convenient AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk feature, the G 7000 Dishwasher range also includes additional new innovations we know you will come to love.

The new 3D MultiFlex tray allows the height, width and depth to be totally adjustable to suit any load type. You can place small items such as cutlery and espresso cups on the height-adjustable side section, as well as position long stemmed items in the upper baskets.

With an ergonomic FlexLine basket design, dishes and glasses of any type or size are safe and secure to ensure a perfect clean every time, saving you time at the sink and giving you more precious time with the family. The FlexLine baskets also feature a new MultiClip at the top of the glass holder and is perfect for the odd bits you may struggle to stack, as well as a FlexCare cup rack that gives you an additional rack for small cups and mugs and FlexCare Glass Holders that provides safe storage for delicate stemmed glasses.

With sustainability one of our core values, we are proud to offer EcoPower technology that ensures our G 7000 Dishwashers use significantly less energy and water. The G 7000 water flow system allows us to have a 4.5-star energy rated and 6-star WELS rated models. The option for hot water connection means energy usage can be reduced by up to 50%. You can even check your energy and water consumption for each programme you run with the EcoFeedback function.

You will also find the familiar QuickPowerWash programme for sparkling clean results in just 58 minutes, BrilliantLight to see every inch in the dishwasher cavity, AutoOpen Drying and Knock2Open on select models in the G 7000 range.

A timeless design for any kitchen

The new G 7000 Dishwasher series will be available in freestanding, built-in and semi-integrated or fully integrated installation options to fit in perfect harmony with any kitchen design.

We also have a new sophisticated Obsidian Black fascia design for seamless integration into every kitchen, with handless options available in some models to create a sleek kitchen finish.

Washing the dishes has never been so sleek or stylish with the ability to choose between different user interfaces, including top-of-the-range M Touch controls that offer a truly intuitive operation and experience.

Miele G7969 SCVi XXL (fully integrated)

If you would like to learn more about our new G 7000 dishwashers, please visit www.miele.co.nz G7000 dishwashers start at $1,999 and will be available to purchase from Miele Experience Centres, Authorised Miele retailers and shop.miele.co.nz



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