Fashion tips and laundry care with Brooke McAuley

How would you describe your style?  

Playful and feminine… but ‘boyish’ at the same time. 

Tell us how you found the right cuts, colours, styles for yourself?  

It truly has been a journey, a lot of trial and error. However, due to my background as a ballet dancer and working in the modelling industry, I’ve really been able to understand my body shape from a young age in relation to what does/doesn’t suit my figure.  

I tend to lean to a lot of blues, reds, pinks, pastels, and quite often I gravitate to shorter-hemmed pieces, which fit looser around the waistline and have more coverage up top.  

Why do these work for you? 

These colours and cuts work for me because I really feel that I wear the clothes, rather than the clothes ‘wearing me’. I love wearing colour because it genuinely makes me feel happy! But the trick is making sure the colours you’re wearing really compliment your skin tone and hair colour.  

For me that’s, blues, reds and pastel tones, as it works well for me against my blonde hair.  

Does your style vary for the occasion?  

Absolutely! There are too many fun styles that I want to dabble in, I could never simply pigeonhole myself into the one style – that takes the fun out of it. The occasion does have a lot to do with how I style a look, from spring racing etiquette to black tie to street style. You need to be adaptable and take into consideration the location, mood, dress code of the occasion. 

What’s your fashion philosophy?   

Don’t wear ‘trends’ unless they REALLY suit your body type! And never buy your true ‘size’ – buy the clothes based on how they fit you, whether that’s sizing up or sizing down. Forget the number! Often things will look more ‘luxe’ if you jump up a few sizes, but you need to learn to just ignore the size number on the tag! 


What is your approach when considering a fashion purchase?  

Oh gosh, there are so many things that go through my head before I actually commit to a purchase, here are a few: 

  1. Know the gaps in your wardrobe! You don’t need 7 white shirts!  
  2. Is it versatile? Can I style it a few different ways? 
  3. Do your research on the brand. Find out online where and how the garments are made.  
  4. Be open to a higher price point. Especially if the brand is using sustainable fabrics. 

How important is the fashion – fashion care – sustainable connection to you?  

This is something that is important to me, and although I can’t say I lead a 100% sustainable lifestyle, I really try to do my part where possible. Research is key! I’m a stickler for recycling, and that goes for household recycling through to my wardrobe! I’ll often hold market stalls or resell my clothes online before taking them to op shops.

Wardrobe and laundry 

What’s your approach to laundry, and caring for your clothes, and why?  

I have ALWAYS been so careful of how I care for my clothes. Thank you, Mum for drilling this into me growing up. I’ve had some pieces in my wardrobe still in immaculate condition for over a decade and I truly put it down to the care I take in sorting and washing my clothing.  

How do Miele appliances help you as a fashion-conscious woman who cares about the planet?  

Never have I ever met such an earth-friendly washing machine which still delivers top quality care and cleaning for my garments. I think my favourite feature is the intelligent automatic load recognition, which analyses the current load and uses only the amount of water and electricity needed. Happy clothes, happy planet, happy Brooke 🙂 

What are some of your favourite features of Miele’s washing machines? 

I love that the honeycomb drum of the Miele washing machine is super delicate on my clothing, so I have full trust throwing in my beautiful silk garments.  

When the sun isn’t around and I’m short for time, I LOVE finishing my shirts with the ‘SteamFinish’ option. At the end of the wash programme, a smoothing programme completes the process with hot steam and reduces ironing up to about 50%, it’s a game changer!  

As a friend of Miele, do you have any words to say for their upcoming 125-year birthday?

I am forever in awe of the craftsmanship of Miele’s products! Creating not only top-of-the-range luxury machines but ones that are made with sustainability as a core focus. Miele can do no wrong! (plus, I wouldn’t trust washing my garments in anything else!)

Fashion tips and laundry care with Brooke McAuley
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Fashion tips and laundry care with Brooke McAuley
Level up your style & wardrobe care! Learn fashion tips and laundry hacks from Brooke McAuley. Discover her secrets for looking & feeling your best.

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