How to Design Your Home so It Stands the Test of Time

 Retro, Art Nouveau and Art Deco were trends that defined an era. But just as quickly as they encapsulated our home, they were gone – considered ‘passé’ and dated. The move to create a space that transcends time should not be considered a ‘trend’, but merely a decision that gives your home endless appeal.

Interior Designer Andrew Loader of Andrew Loader Design Sydney says a timeless look starts with a neutral space.

“We generally endeavour to avoid trends because they will inevitably date,” he said.

“To us, we want to create a design that will last the distance of time. It is also about originality. When you think back in history about some of the really great furniture designs that have withstood the test of time, it’s because they were great original designs in the first place,” Mr Loader said.

Whether you’re creating a kitchen or laundry space from scratch or they’re just in need of a refresh, how do you ensure your design choices are set for long-term success?

Enduring design with clean lines and clever integration 

Less is definitely more when it comes to designing a timeless space, says Mr Loader.

“Whether it’s a kitchen or laundry, the idea of a space being streamlined and uncluttered is definitely leaning towards a look that is timeless,” he said.

“I also think simplicity in your design is usually likely to underpin a timeless look.”

When choosing a benchtop, splashback, fittings or a vanity, make sure they don’t overthrow the balance of a room, says Mr Loader.

“You want to walk into a bathroom or kitchen and not have that sense of being completely overwhelmed by too many things going on,” he said.

Fine lines and superior integration is why Mr Loader recommends Miele to his clients.

“We encourage our clients to choose Miele appliances because of their fine look. We always select what will give the cleanest appearance and won’t be clunky and overwhelming,” he said.

“Miele is great at integration and this feature is really important for us because it helps project that streamlined feeling.”

Mr Loader says Miele’s stacking washer and dryer combination is a great example of clever integration, with both machines technically and visually matching to enable stacking with clean lines and no bulky overhangs.

Beautiful house design equipped with Miele laundry appliances

Finishes with ‘staying power’

A space that is timeless draws on natural resources and fibres and is ‘classic’ in its design. Classic, however, does not mean old fashioned, says Mr Loader.

“It goes without saying that timelessness is always linked to a design being classic, but it can be contemporary and classic at the same time,” he said.

According to Mr Loader, choosing monochromatic tones over a bold palette is a wise move for a timeless feel.

“We stick with lighter materials. Think white and greys in various shades, it’s very soothing,” he said.

When choosing the finish for your appliance, Mr Loader says you can’t go wrong with stainless steel or even white, which he says has made a resurgence in recent years.

“Stainless steel is something that has stood the test of time.”

Create your own timeless look

While there are some rules and guidelines, timelessness is also about integrating your lifestyle and personal style into your home.

However, if you want to create a timeless space and are in need of some inspiration – Miele’s 220 degree Kitchen Experience website can help make the process easier.

This innovative 3D online platform allows you to completely immerse yourself in a Miele kitchen showcasing a range of Miele appliances and design ideas including Miele’s Artline handleless appliance range.

Find out more here.


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