Innovations that turn a household chore into a delight

Imagine a world where doing the ironing is something you look forward to. Miele’s FashionMaster enables you to halve your ironing time while producing professional results with ease, turning what many see as a boring household chore into a delight.


“Unique to Miele, the FashionMaster Steam Ironing System has a honeycomb soleplate that diffuses high-powered steam across the entire surface of your garment. More even steam distribution ensures the iron glides effortlessly and gently to achieve truly professional results, with the user selecting either steam pulses or continuous steam delivery,” says Melissa Taylor, Miele FashionMaster Product Manager.

“The remarkably high steam pressure output of 100 grams per minute eliminates the need to iron both sides, dramatically reducing ironing times,” says Melissa.


Sandy Spence from Perth loves to iron, and bought herself a FashionMaster last Christmas. “I’ve been through a few irons and ironing boards and the FashionMaster offers brilliant results. I iron everything from sports gear to silk shirts, woollens, linen, cotton, denim and even beaded tops. I also iron the bed linen!” says Sandy.


Intuitive, active ironing board

Fans built into the FashionMaster’s innovative ironing board creates either a vacuum or inflation to assist with garment positioning.

“The inflation function is perfect for delicate fabrics where you don’t want a lot of pressure.

“The suction feature holds textiles in place and is particularly suitable for denim – where you can glide the iron over using just one hand,” says Melissa.

Miele fashionmaster

Refresh your hanging garments using the hand-held Steam Jet

The Steam Jet is perfect for gentle smoothing of hanging garments, such as jackets, dresses or even curtains. This feature can be used while the FashionMaster is folded away.

An interchangeable brush attachment, the Steam Jet gently raises the pile on fabrics and ensures a safe distance from textiles, making it perfect for removing creases from a jacket or linen dress that requires a simple press before wear.


Easy set up and precise working height

The FashionMaster patented 1-2 Lift System offers a quick and easy set-up with just two sweeping and effortless movements. The first unlocks the FashionMaster while the second guides the ironing table into a horizontal position.

“Once you know how to assemble the FashionMaster, it is so easy to use, and I can adjust it to my perfect height,” said Sandy.


Striking elegance and timeless design


“I just love the way my FashionMaster looks and how easy it is to use. I made a special place in an alcove area of my home and it looks great there. I can just easily wheel it in and out when I need it,” said Sandy.

“Another advantage is that you can just add tap water to the FashionMaster, there’s no need for distilled water.”

The FashionMaster has a 1.25 litre capacity water tank that ensures approximately one hour of non-stop ironing.

Click here to view Miele’s current laundry offers, including the FashionMaster Steam Ironing System, available from 1 September to 31 October 2018.


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