Celebrate 125 years of Miele

Whether you are looking to refresh your kitchen or laundry, or are wanting the very latest in floorcare innovation, join us in celebrating 125 years of Miele and treat yourself to our special anniversary offers.

The perfect systematic laundry care

Our laundry care system covers the entire process, from washing and drying to ironing. Even the special cleaning products from Miele were developed in our own laboratories and have been perfectly formulated to match Miele appliances. Discover the perfect systematic laundry care exclusive to Miele below.

Miele laundry set up

Our laundry care system

Miele laundry set up

The ideal combination

Miele washing machines and dryers are perfectly tailored for each other. As a result, you can find a matching dryer for every washing machine with respect to design and features. This enables us to offer you the very best cleaning performance combined with gentle laundry care.

Perfect laundry finish

For many types of fabric, ironing is the only way to achieve a perfect finish and to give additional protection through mechanical and heat treatment. You can iron particularly easily, conveniently, quickly and effectively using the Miele FashionMaster steam iron system* and Miele rotary ironers.

Miele Care Collection

Simply perfect results

Not all off-the-shelf products deliver the same results with all washing machines. For this reason, we have developed Miele branded detergents in our own laboratories in collaboration with selected suppliers. The formulas are perfectly adapted to Miele washing machines and tumble dryers. This allows you to tap the potential of your Miele machines to the full and reduce the burden on the environment at the same time.

Washing Machines

Miele has revolutionised laundry care. Achieve perfect results every time thanks to our perfectly designed washing machines. For effortless results, our laundry appliances offer cutting-edge innovations paired with energy efficient technologies, allowing you to save time and energy on the things that matter most. Environmentally compatible laundry care, our eco-friendly programmes are economical so you can keep track of your electricity and water usage.

Three benefits of Miele Washing Machines


The Miele TwinDos system blends two liquid detergents, autodosing precisely for tailormade care with each unique load.

Miele powerwash in action


The PowerWash programme limits the time and temperature of the wash programme to deliver unparallelled results in just 49 minutes.

Miele Singlewash in action


The SingleWash functionality means you can significantly reduce your energy and water consumption when washing one or two items.

Tumble Dryers

Our tumble dryers are designed to work intuitively together with our washing machines, to make every task seamless. With a harmonious design and complementary programmes, operating Miele tumble dryers couldn’t be simpler. We have New Zealand’s largest range of 10 star efficiency dryers, that’s quality ahead of it’s time.

Miele TWV 780 Dryer

Three benefits of Miele Tumble dryers

Miele FragranceDos in action


Specially formulated perfumes create a long-lasting scent for your laundry.

Miele EcoDry in action

EcoDry Technology

A perfectly tuned filtration system and maintenance-free heat exchanger keeps energy consumption low and drying times short throughout the life of the appliance.

Miele DryCare in action

DryCare 40

DryCare 40 dries almost anything that can be washed at 40°C*. A time saving innovation. *Not suitable for woollens or silks.

Introducing New Zealand's Exclusive Range of 10 Star Dryers

Experience exceptional results with our exclusive range of 10 star heat pump dryers in New Zealand. Take advantage of Miele exclusive features such as the Eco Dry technology within all heat pump dryers, delivering 10 stars across a large portion of the range. View the range or discover more about Miele tumble dryers.

Miele Stacking

Stacking Kits

Miele provides the utmost flexibility when it comes to designing your laundry space, as our appliances can be installed either side by side or in a stacked configuration with a stacking kit. Choose from a variety of options to suit your individual requirements, with standard stacking kits or solutions with a 12 cm depth drawer for convenient storage.


For delicate drying of items such as trainers, children’s boots, wooden blocks and soft toys, our drying basket is a convenient accessory to have on hand. Items are safely placed in the basket and are gently dried without tumbling.
Miele FashionMaster set up in a walk-in wardrobe


Change the way you feel about ironing forever with Miele’s FashionMaster steam ironing system*. Encapsulating everything you need in an iron for perfect results with minimal effort. Our signature honeycomb soleplate effortlessly glides over your garments – whether robust cottons and denim or delicate cashmere and wool. For dresses, suits and blazers that require a quick refresh, our powerful steam jet easily removes creases – even when the unit is folded away so you are good to go in next to no time.

Miele app

Unleash the full potential of your home appliances with the Miele app. Whether at home or out and about, check on the status of your laundry appliances or start that programme you forgot to switch on before rushing out the door. Connecting your appliance to the Miele app also ensures you have the latest softwear, with remote updates available at the touch of a button – just like a smart phone.

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