Miele Customer Testimonials

When buying an appliance, it can be hard to tell one apart from another on the showroom floor. Often the technical features can be hard to compare – but reliability is something most people won’t compromise on, and it’s what sets Miele apart from the crowd.

Miele washing machine cleans perfectly for 40 years

Jane Wilson, a psychologist from Sandy Bay in Hobart, owned her Miele washing machine for almost 40 years before it had to be replaced.

“The drum may be a bit noisy these days, but that is to be expected, the washing results however are fantastic even after all these years,” Ms Wilson said.

“I am a lover of fine clothes and own a lot of linen and cashmere.  I throw all my clothes into my Miele washing machine on a delicate cycle and have never had a problem,” Ms Wilson said.

“Perfect results every time. I don’t hand wash anything,” she added.

Ms Wilson not only owns a Miele washing machine, but also a 33-year-old Miele dryer, a 12-year old fridge and a Miele dishwasher bought in 2012.

“Miele is a gutsy and well-designed brand.

“Unfortunately, today, we are a society that throws things away and this concerns me. I try to live carefully, not waste money and buy things that are going to last and not turn into landfill.  Miele fits that,” she said.

Hard-working dishwashers

Juliette Brawn, an organic kiwi fruit farmer in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, recently upgraded her Miele dishwasher after 24 years.

“My Miele dishwasher was just slightly older than my marriage. David, my now husband, and I bought the dishwasher when we got engaged.  It was always on the go and saw us through raising our two children, now 19 and 22 years old, and beyond,” Ms Brawn said.

Chris Hubbard, a semi-retired sound engineer from Melbourne said his parents bought his Miele dishwasher in 1976 and it has only just stopped working this year, 42 years later.

“The dishwasher has been working hard every day for 42 years and is a testament to Miele’s first-class engineering,” Mr Hubbard said.

What comes to mind when you think of Miele?

Ms Wilson says: “Elegance, durability and sustainability.”

Ms Brawn says: “Quality, long-lasting and incredibly quiet.”

Mr Hubbard says: “Ingenuity, first class engineering.”

Endurance testing ensures long life and quality

Miele pride themselves on being long-lasting and Ms Wilson’s washing machine is testament to the longevity and quality associated with the Miele brand.

“Miele carries out endurance tests during the appliance development stage. During these tests, Miele’s washing machines wash for 10,000 hours. This involves running approximately 5,000 wash programs,” said Rachel Lewis, Miele Laundry Category Manager.

“In terms of daily laundry this equates to about five programs per week with an average run time of two hours, for 20 years,” Rachel added.

Come see, test and feel the quality for yourself

Miele appliances are designed and built to the highest quality, durability, innovation and tradition.

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