Miele Generation 7000: The Kitchen of Tomorrow that is Here Today

Making Miele history. We believe that there is no limit as to how far you can push excellence. Since Miele was founded in 1899, we have proved this time and again with our pioneering technology, obsessive craftsmanship and refined design. Now with Generation 7000, we have set another new benchmark.

When appliances are as intuitive as Generation 7000, the kitchen becomes a whole new world. One where every task is simple, every result is perfect and everything flows from start to finish. This unique Miele flow gives you the opportunity to be more creative in the kitchen than ever before.

Our new Generation 7000 range features a selection of ovens, speed ovens, built-in coffee machines and our most powerful steam appliances, including steam-combination, straight steam and steam-microwave-combination ovens. Each appliance comes equipped with a host of revolutionary, Miele-exclusive technology, enhanced connectivity and clear, intuitive user interfaces, making consistently outstanding results, simple.

Miele kitchen appliances

An oven door that opens by itself, appliances that react to you. These are just some of Miele’s world first innovations in the new Generation 7000 range. All created to make everything in the kitchen as seamless, effortless and flawless as possible. With 138 models available, this is the largest new offering by any built-in manufacturer to date and we are delighted to be bringing this pioneering craftmanship and innovation right into your home.

Overbaking and overcooking is now a thing of the past with our new TasteControl functionality. At the end of the cooking cycle, your oven door will open automatically, rapidly cooling the oven before switching to warming mode. A maintenance temperature can be set so that food stays warm or meat can rest, guaranteeing perfect cooking results every time and allowing you to relax and take care of guests.

It’s now possible to check in on your delicious creations anytime, anywhere thanks to FoodView – an in-oven camera which relays HD images to your smartphone via the Miele@mobile app, allowing you to easily see the progress of your cooking wherever you may be (even if you’re not at home!) and adjust cooking temperatures and times remotely. We are also proudly the only manufacturer with a camera compatible with pyrolytic cleaning (automatic self-cleaning) and 440ºC temperatures.

The majority of new Miele kitchen appliances are now connectivity-enabled using WiFi. Alongside remote controls, our Miele@mobile app will give you unbridled access to more than 1,000 mouth-watering recipes to inspire your home cooking. Software updates for your Generation 7000 appliances can also be downloaded for installation with great ease, meaning they are always up to date, reducing the need for service call-outs.

Using our unique motion-detecting technology, MotionReact, our appliances now respond to your movements, with oven lights and displays turning on and end-of-cycle signals automatically switching off when you approach them.

Miele oven from the G 7000 range


Available in four striking design lines; ContourLine, PureLine, VitroLine and ArtLine, and four premium-quality colour options; Graphite Grey, Obsidian Black, Brilliant White and CleanSteel, the minimalist design of the Built-in appliances will integrate harmoniously and elegantly into any kitchen style, from contemporary to traditional. All appliances also feature intuitive touch operation systems designed to ensure cooking remains effortless.

Earlier this year, a number of products in the range were the recipients of a range of prestigious and internationally renowned design awards before they were even released, including the Red Dot Design Awards and iF Product Design Awards.


Tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ average usage, our Generation 7000 range has been designed to truly stand the test of time – meaning they will be a much-loved feature of your household for years to come.

To learn more about the Generation 7000 Built In range, click here: www.miele.co.nz

To find your closest Miele Experience Centre and Miele Authorised Retailers, click here: https://www.miele.co.nz/domestic/locations-447.htm


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