Product Expert Advice: How to Buy a Dishwasher That’s Right for Your Lifestyle

Dishwashers are now a relatively common household appliance and without doubt help make our lives a lot easier. But with so many features available, how do you know which dishwasher is right for your lifestyle?

There is no substitute for a hands-on product demonstration prior to your purchase, and Miele customers can attest to that.

Mr Ming Lau recently visited a Miele Experience Centre, where he purchased a dishwasher: “I did extensive research online but what I really wanted was to see a Miele dishwasher in action.”

“At the Miele Experience Centre I achieved just that and more. I saw what my Miele dishwasher can do, and all my questions were answered.”

To help you take the guesswork out of your decision-making, here are some top features to consider when buying a new dishwasher:


Firstly, you need to decide what look and style you prefer, from standard size to extra tall and slimline dishwashers.

A freestanding dishwasher is self-contained with a robust top that has a work surface, and is easily removable when moving house or during a kitchen refurbishment.

Built under dishwasher units are ideal as replacement units in existing kitchens, and are installed under a kitchen worktop.

Integrated and fully integrated dishwashers are clad with the same furniture front as your other kitchen units, allowing your appliance to integrate seamlessly into the design of your kitchen. If still being able to see the fascia of your dishwasher is your preference then an integrated dishwasher is for you. Otherwise, if you’d like to completely streamline your kitchen then a fully integrated dishwasher is your best option, with exclusive to Miele features such as Knock2Open technology, which allows you to simply tap the dishwasher from lightly twice to open on select models.


Miele’s high performing dishwasher features to look out for include:

Cutlery: When it comes to clean cutlery, you’ve got choices. A standard cutlery basket ensures a thorough clean, or you can choose a cutlery tray – which cradles each piece of cutlery. Miele’s 3D cutlery tray can be adjusted in three different directions and adapts perfectly to various load arrangements.

Optimum loading and safety options: A dishwasher that can adjust to your daily needs is important. Lots of guests and too many glasses or coffee cups? Not a problem with a height adjustable glassware rail or jumbo cup rack. Adjustable dishwasher holders ensure your glassware is held securely, so that nothing breaks.

Sparkling glassware: Soft water is good for cleaning, but has an aggressive effect on glass. Miele’s exclusive Perfect GlassCare uses technology to adjust the water hardness precisely so that all glasses are thoroughly cleaned.

Imagine a dishwasher that opens automatically leaving a small gap at the end of a cleaning cycle. Miele’s AutoOpen Drying allows fresh air to reach crockery and plastic dishes to help ensure they dry completely.

Whisper quiet

If you have an open plan kitchen or run your dishwasher overnight, purchasing a quiet dishwasher would be at the top of your list. Miele’s ExtraQuiet programme washes your dishes very quietly with a noise level of 38 dB, that is comparable to a whisper.

Energy efficiency

A dishwasher with a good star rating could mean you save money on electricity and water costs over time, as well as minimising environmental impact. Miele’s Sensor wash/Automatic programme uses as little as 6.5 litres of water – significantly less than filling your kitchen sink. and electricity consumption of only 0.83 kWh.

Long Life

Finally, you want confidence that your new dishwasher is going to provide the everyday functionality and flexibility that you need over an extended lifetime.

The advice here is to look out for guarantees and check where products are manufactured.

Miele’s dishwasher doors are put through 100,000 opening and closing cycles, equivalent to 13 cycles everyday for more than 20 years.

“Miele is recognised as the benchmark when it comes to dishwashers,” said Bridgette Rattigan, Miele Experience Centre Manager, Frenchs Forest.

Miele offers appliance demonstrations on all of its products at its eight Miele Experience Centres across Australia and New Zealand.

The centres provide customers with an opportunity to experience dishwashers and other products at first hand with the help of a product expert in a luxurious setting.

Click here to find your local Miele Experience Centre.


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