Revolutionising Your Laundry Experience

At Miele, we pride ourselves on designing a wide range of products that seamlessly fit into your everyday life. Maintaining our long-standing philosophy of ‘Immer Besser, Forever Better’ we consider every part of the home when innovating our products to suit the needs of our customers.

The laundry is an area of the home that nowadays needs to be just as stylish as it is functional. The zone is no different from any other demanding room in the home and our fast-paced lives often mean we need a garment washed, pressed and fresh in under an hour. We understand that every customer’s needs are different, whether you’re in the market for a sleek design to fit into your modern home or a reliable machine that takes the hassle out of washing, we have machines that tick all of the boxes.

As such, we are thrilled to give our Miele customers a first glimpse at our brand-new range of washing machines and dryers and the next generation of features you are set to experience.

This month, we also spoke to interior stylist and Belle’s Style Director-at-Large, Steve Cordony, who gave us his top tips on laundry design and favourite Miele laundry features that you’ll need for your next washing load!

Faster and more convenient
While washing clothes can usually feel like a chore, the new features in our Miele Washing Machines will have your clothes clean easier, quicker and with a lesser effect on the environment than ever before.

For when you need clothes in under an hour, the much-loved QuickPowerWash is now even faster, with a cycle time of 49 minutes! The Spin&Spray technology spins the laundry briefly and then sprays it with water via the suds circulating in the cavity to ensure that the detergent is saturated earlier in the cycle – perfect for when you need to leave the house in a hurry and with the same brilliant results as a conventional washing cycle.

For those who, every once in a while, forget to add the odd sock or shirt to the washing load, you’ll no longer need to wait until the next one to clean the missing garment. Miele’s AddLoad function has had a serious upgrade to allow anything from a pair of socks to a blanket or jacket to be added right until shortly before the end of the programme. You’ll never have forgotten washing sitting at the bottom of the laundry hamper again and better yet, it doesn’t use any extra water or energy to add a missing garment!

For those who dread ironing, Miele has the perfect solution. Our pre-set Pre-Ironing function on the entire range of Miele washing machines helps to reduce the need for ironing by 50%, by gently smoothing garments before they leave the drum. This means you can spend less time ironing and more time enjoying the things you love.

Greener drying

What would a washing machine be without a dryer to match? The new Miele tumble dryers come with an abundance of incredible new features to complement our washing machines. As sustainability is incredibly important to us at Miele, our designers have kept this front of mind when developing the latest features for the next generation of dryers.

The Miele TWF 720 WP 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer is Australia’s only 10 star rated 8kg dryer*.  This 10-star rated appliance combines style with the trusted Miele quality and reliability for premium garment care. The heat-pump dryer includes a Honeycomb drum for gentle care of garments, 12 drying programmes and the Pre-Ironing feature to minimise the need for ironing.

This appliance also features exclusive to Miele EcoDry technology. With consistently low energy consumption and drying times, EcoDry guarantees savings for the life of your tumble dryer. The optimised filter and maintenance-free heat exchanger ensure lint will never clog the system to reduce performance.

For even more convenience, users will no longer have to change detergents in the dryer load with FrangranceDos now allowing two detergent scents in the one appliance.

New design lines

These new Washing Machine and Dryer features come with an upgraded look and feel, with even more colour options than ever before. With a range of varied door colour varieties in both machines, you can choose from chrome, silver, lotus white, obsidian black or graphite grey – meaning there is a colour to suit every laundry.

Miele Dryers will now come with a transparent porthole door to deliver a higher-quality appearance which seamlessly integrates into your existing laundry design.

Tips and tricks from the styling master

Interior styling specialist and Belle Magazine’s Style Director at-Large, Steve Cordony, has had the opportunity to try out the new range of laundry appliances firsthand in his beautiful Rosedale Farm home.

For those in the market to upgrade or change their laundry set up, he says that the most essential design feature to keep in mind is how the space works from a functional point of view. “After the space was demolished, I walked through many times and physically mapped out the space, envisioning how I would interact with the space, to make sure each element and the overall flow worked seamlessly.”

While it is important to ensure your laundry is functional, the design of the space should not be forgotten. Steve recommends thinking of the laundry like any of the other main living or more ‘styled space’ within your home. “I spent time designing the right cabinetry space for the two units and including the washer dryer stacking kit which has storage. I also used Laminex internals to create a more detailed and aesthetic background to frame the cabinets and appliances.”

For Steve, functionality and aesthetics need to work harmoniously together in these utilitarian spaces. He says, “Laundry and mudrooms are becoming even more stylish rooms in the home. The design of these spaces allows you to have fun and be creative to achieve a look that is both practical yet also warm and inviting.”

Steve’s favourite features to look out for

Alongside the design, Steve has been loving the seamlessness of his Miele laundry appliances.

“The Miele washing machine and dryer has completely changed our laundry experience. Not only from a visual point of view, but the features the products offer are so perfect for how we run our household. We

have so many different needs for the washing machine from specific settings for ‘dog towels’, bedding, inserts, bathroom towels, kitchen linen, so Miele’s favourites feature, which allows us to fully customise each category, has been a revelation.”

Miele laundry appliances tucked away in Steve Cordony's laundry room

Like Miele, Steve and his partner are also focused on ensuring that their home is environmentally friendly and has as little impact as possible. “It’s imperative for us that the water and energy consumption of our washing machine and dryer are as efficient as possible and that’s what we love most about these appliances.”

When asked what a must-have feature was of the range, he loves the functionality of the M Touch screen and the “lifesaving” QuickPowerWash.

To see Steve’s Rosedale Farm laundry/mudroom and other incredible spaces in his home visit his Instagram or website.

To learn more about the new laundry range, visit our website: or head to your local Miele Experience Centre:

You can also shop now at or find your local Miele retailer here.

* as at 6/7/20




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