Simple tips to improve the quality of your laundry’s output

Simple tips to improve the quality of your laundry’s output

Are you using the full potential of your washing machine and tumble dryer? Most people aren’t – according to George Politakis – a Miele Experience Centre laundry specialist with more than 32-years-experience educating customers about washing machines and dryers.

Know your temperature

Most of us default to using the ‘quick wash’ function, which offers good cleaning without significant fading using warm water, according to George Politakis.

“However, you can improve your results if you alter temperatures based on what you’re washing. For instance, to achieve hotel quality whites you should use hotter water at 60 degrees, to remove stains and germs. And use cooler water, around 30 degrees, for darker and coloured items to reduce colour loss,” George said.

To take the guesswork out of washing, select Miele washing machines have up to 18 different wash settings: you simply tell it what you’re washing, i.e jeans, a blouse and shorts, and it recommends the most suitable wash program.

Look good for longer

Mr Politakis says using less abrasive detergent and washing darks and coloured clothes in lower temperatures will extend the life of your clothes.

“Front loaders are gentler than top loaders, particularly machines that have Miele’s unique honeycomb drum, which creates a thin film of water over the drum that protects clothes during washing. It is also great to rely on the exclusive to Miele ‘Stains‘ programme, which recommends the best wash cycle when you enter the type of stain you want to remove,” he said.

“Some Miele machines also provide Capdosing, where you can insert a stain-removal pod (similar to a coffee pod) for an added boost, specific to the type of fabric and stain you’re trying to remove.

Cut your ironing time in half

Mr Politakis says most people simply don’t have time for ironing – and it’s possible to avoid it altogether. “I don’t have to iron at all, by using the Miele SteamCare and SteamFinish functions on my washer and dryer, that inject a shot of hot steam to smooth and loosen the laundry and caress the wrinkles out of my shirts.

“If you don’t have these functions, you can simply reduce the speed of the spin dry on your washing machine, so your garments can retain more moisture and dry flat on the line.”

Clean the cleaner!

Mr Politakis says just as we think about servicing our car, having a personal detox and doing a spring clean, it is also important to do some maintenance on our washing machines.

“Simply run your machine through a super-hot cycle – around 90 degrees once a month. This will break down and remove any gunk trapped between the drums, maintain the quality of your wash and extend the life of your machine.”

Avoid white specs on your clothes

Mr Politakis says white specs can be caused by calcification of residual laundry detergent inside your washing machine.

“To avoid these specks, clean your machine and use a liquid detergent, as it dissolves more quickly than powder, and it’s less likely to settle in the base of your machine between the inner and outer drum.”

A Quality dryer will save you time and effort

If you live in an apartment and rely on your dryer, it’s worth investing in a quality appliance with intuitive features.

Miele’s tumble dryers use heat pump technology, similar to how your fridge works, which reduces their energy consumption by 50-60%, compared to conventional dryers. This will dramatically reduce the machine’s running costs, which can often cost more than the machine over its lifetime.

George also recommends making sure your dryer automatically turns off when it reaches a certain moisture and mineral content. “The steam smoothing or gentle smoothing functions will reduce your ironing time.”

To find out more about Miele’s laundry appliance range, visit your local Miele Experience Centre here.

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