Slow Fashion 101: Four Ways to Protect Your Favourite Fashion Pieces

At Miele, we believe sustainability is so important, which is why we focus on our commitment of ‘Immer Besser – Forever Better’, developing long-lasting appliances, made to the highest quality to suit every lifestyle.

Our range of laundry appliances provides you with an added level of care to extend the life of your wardrobe, helping not only your finances but also the environment.

This month, we explore the concept of ‘slow fashion’, a growing movement in the fashion industry, where people are buying higher-quality clothing that lasts longer or is produced in a more sustainable way, over lower quality items that may wear out sooner.

To help ensure your favourite wardrobe investments last as long as possible, follow the four tips below:

1. Choose an appliance the provides a thorough yet delicate clean

Is your wardrobe full of garments that are often difficult to wash via a regular wash cycle?
It can be scary washing wool jumpers, favourite silk dresses and delicately beaded evening tops at home for fear they may not come out the way they once were.

You may never have to go to the dry cleaner again when using a Miele washing machine, thanks to its patented, honeycomb drum. By generating a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry, the structure of the hexagonal honeycomb drum allows your garments to glide gently along the surface, whilst protecting the fibres from damage.

Senior Product Manager of Miele’s Laundry and Care products, Rachel Lewis, explains to Miele for Life that the unique drum not only protects your washing loads but ensures a deep clean.

“The construction of the honeycomb drum allows just enough water to saturate every fibre of the garment load. It ensures the laundry load is treated more gently, making sure your favourite garments retain their shape for longer,” said Rachel.

The smaller, smoothly polished holes in the walls of the drum are gentle on your clothes and prevent piling and laddering, meaning that the delicate fibres of your favourite skirt or top will remain smooth, wash after wash.

2. Retain brilliant whites and vibrant colours

There is nothing more frustrating than struggling to prevent fading from regularly washed items such as socks, shirts or work pants, particularly if they are needed daily.

To resolve this issue, and ensure your items are beautifully clean after every wash, try Miele’s TwinDos feature. The TwinDos detergent is dispensed automatically, adjusting to suit whites or colours, as well as the level of dirt – for an efficient yet superior clean.

Rachel tells Miele for Life that TwinDos is a must-have function for anyone looking for a new washing machine.

“Not only does TwinDos remove the need to dispense washing detergent into your washing machine, it also helps with stain removal. It makes whites whiter, brights even brighter, prevents greying and best of all, helps avoid messy handling of detergent,” said Rachel.

“This allows you to not only extend the life of your clothing but to save up to 30% on detergent when compared to manual dispensing.”

3. Let technology help you to do your laundry load
It’s common knowledge that you should separate your dark and light-coloured clothing when washing, however, for many people (particularly those of us who are time-poor) this does not necessarily happen. To help extend the life of your clothing, ensure you are sorting your laundry and choosing the correct programme for each garment you are washing as part of your regular routine.
Through the free Miele@mobile app, you have access to tips on stain removal and guidance on which programme to use, ensuring you are making the most of your innovative Miele laundry appliances. Users of the app can also interact with their washing machine remotely, allowing you to connect to the machine whilst you are not home or in other rooms of the house via Wi-Fi, leaving more time for you to enjoy the things you love.
4. How to save time and combat the crinkle

Don’t have enough time to airdry your clothes after they have come out of the wash? If you’re the type of person who needs a quick ‘wash and wear’ of your favourite organic cotton shirt or natural linen pant, lean on your appliances to help solve your laundry issues.

Miele’s Pre-Ironing function helps to remove any crinkles by gently smoothing garments after every wash cycle.

“The Pre-Ironing function reduces the need for ironing by 50% and is perfect for those who simply hate spending time ironing or are super time-poor,” said Rachel.

You can also rely on precise drying thanks to Miele’s Perfect Dry feature, with mineral sensors that leave your garments perfectly dry every time. This function also protects clothing by using sensors to record the amount of calcium in the water and adjusting the drying process for precise results.

Let these tips lead you to long-lasting clothing while embodying the slow fashion trend so you can wear your best pieces year-round.
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