Stories of Slow Living in Italy

As we are all craving the opportunity to travel, let us take you on a journey to Italy’s South Tyrol, a haven within the Italian Alps. If there is one thing we can take away from the Italian lifestyle, it is how they wholeheartedly embrace the concept of slow living.

With their culture enriched with a love for honouring locally grown, seasonal produce whilst celebrating culinary traditions, it comes as no surprise that this ethical movement towards cuisine originated here. Someone who has played a pivotal role in the slow living movement is chef Norbert Niederkofler. Discover how Norbert’s ethos towards food pays tribute to nature, foraging for produce and preserving bio-diversity.

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Introducing Norbert

Renowned for his world-class restaurants St Hubertus and AlpiNN, Norbert Niederkofler is a three Michelin-starred chef and author of Cook the Mountain, who has recently been awarded a green Michelin star for his contribution towards sustainability within the world of fine dining. With a passion for supporting local producers and creating sustainable cuisine, his dishes are the perfect synergy between ethics and aesthetics.

Cook the Mountian

“Cook the Mountain is my way of being, my way of acting.” Cook the Mountain is a philosophy to cook with what is near you. Norbert uses his alpine surroundings as a resource to gather produce that is readily available to create healthy, wholesome and authentic meals. Inspired by the birth of his first son, Norbert has an invigorated outlook towards cookery and a rediscovery of creativity, elevating his dishes to a work of art.

Norbert’s Aromatic Orzotto with Verbena Jelly

Guided by nature, Norbert uses the mountain herbs surrounding his home to add intense flavour to all his dishes. Watch the video below to see how he pairs fragrant verbena with nutty steamed barley to create a surprisingly zesty dish.

Perfect results with Miele’s TempControl cooktop

Cooking orzotto typically requires a lot of patience as you need to continually stir the barley to ensure it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. For Norbert this is easy thanks to Miele’s TempControl induction cooktop that perfectly maintains the temperature of the pan throughout the entire cook. This clever technology also allows him to keep his dish at the ideal serving temperature for up to two hours at the touch of a button.

Norbert’s ‘Val Venosta’ Apricot Jam

Norbert spent decades traveling the world cooking and perfecting his craft, until he yearned for home and its local specialties. With apricots being one of his region’s most common and humble fruits, he loves to use them to make jam so can enjoy this seasonal fruit all year round. Watch the video below to see how he brings this recipe to life.

Endless possibilities with Miele’s steam ovens

Although you would typically associate a steam oven with steam cooking, there are many ways you can use this versatile appliance. From heating crockery and proving dough through to making yoghurt or jam – the possibilities are endless. Norbert highlights the convenient automatic bottling function which is accessible at the touch of a button, making it easier than ever before to create this special preserve.

Norbert’s Spelt Fusilli with Tyrolean Carbonara

Norbert reflects with nostalgia about how special it was to enjoy speck during his childhood. Watch the video below to see how he hero’s this ingredient, perfecting the results with quality and innovation made possible thanks to our combi steam oven.

Culinary perfection with our combi steam oven

Norbert is able to achieve the perfect consistency of egg yolk for his Tyrolean Carbonara thanks to the intelligent automatic programmes on our combi steam oven. Whether you like your egg soft and delicate, medium, or hard boiled we have a setting that will suit your individual taste. As our combi steam oven allows for temperature adjustment of just 1°C, you could even prepare your egg via the sous-vide method at 63°C for an exquisite result.

A conversation with the Future Food System team

Norbert recently sat down with the incredible team behind the Future Food System – a fully sustainable pop-up house located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD at Federation Square. Watch their fascinating discussion below as they open-up about their shared values around creating ethical cuisine.

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