Stacking your dishwasher for best results – it’s all down to design

A valuable skill after hosting any successful dinner party is being able to clean up effortlessly afterward. However, as the last guest leaves, your upbeat feeling can often turn to bewilderment as you wonder how you’ll fit all those dirty dishes, platters, glasses and utensils into one dishwasher.

Miele’s product consultant, Fiona Breitkreuz, explains how great dishwasher design can lighten the load after entertaining.


Flexible design

According to Fiona, innovative dishwasher design ensures everything has its proper place for best possible cleaning.

“The upper basket in Miele’s dishwashers can be adjusted to three different levels, so it’s easy to fit in your cookware. Oversized plates, large platters and even the trickiest pots and pans will fit in your bottom basket with ease,” she said.

“For cups and glasses, Miele’s flexible basket design features additional side racks that fold down to create extra room.”

“Plus, to make stacking even easier, Miele has colour-coded all the elements that can be adjusted in yellow, along with a symbol, demonstrating how the design feature can be used.”

It’s not unusual to use every utensil in your kitchen when you’re cooking up a feast for a dinner party. Miele’s 3D+ cutlery tray is designed for creative chefs and can be adjusted in width, height and depth.

The middle section of the cutlery tray can also be lowered to hold bulk cutlery like BBQ tongs, ladles and whisks. Plus, the plastic grooves keep large knives separated.

“When it comes to stacking your dishwasher, being smart with space is key. Having a dedicated cutlery tray leaves more room in the lower basket for those bulky items. Plus, Miele’s 3D+ cutlery tray can move from side to side, making room for tall items in the basket underneath, such as wine glasses” said Fiona.


Heavy duty items – more room down below

The best place for your dirtiest cookware is the bottom of the dishwasher. By using a hot wash program such as Miele’s Intensive 75-degree wash, there’s no need to rinse or soak difficult to clean pots and pans to remove grime and bacteria.

Stacking white dinnerware and a stainless steel pot in a miele dishwasher

“With Miele dishwashers, making room in the lower basket for bulky items is a breeze. Simply flatten down or remove the prongs to create a large, flat area where you can place casserole dishes, saucepans and frypans,” she said.

“If you’re needing to stack pots and plates, simply fold down the trays you don’t need and leave the remaining to stack your plates.


Perfect, sparkling glassware

When entertaining, all too often we end up with more wine glasses than guests. We’re then left with the hard task of trying to fit them all in, while nervously making sure they won’t break. While the average dishwasher only accommodates glasses in the top shelf – due to the water being too abrasive down below – Miele can clean them anywhere.

“With Miele’s dishwashers you can securely stack up to 18 stemmed wine glasses in specially dedicated areas in the top and bottom shelves without breaking one,” said Fiona.

Stack champagne, red and white wine glasses with ease – the clips are height adjustable to accommodate extra long, or short, wine stems.

“Make sure you set your dishwasher to our ‘Perfect Glassware’ program, which adjust the mineral content for a gentle wash, leaving glasses sparkling.”


The hidden extras

Miele’s dishwashers have plenty of other fabulous features, including:

Quick PowerWash: Obtain perfect dishwashing results in under one hour.

Auto drying: The dishwasher opens automatically at the end of a load leaving a small gap to allow the hot, moist air to escape – completing the drying process.

Energy Efficient: Miele’s dishwashers are incredibly energy efficient, quiet and use less water than it takes to fill your kitchen sink.  The delayed start enables you to use off-peak electricity.

Automatic load recognition:  Exclusive to Miele is the Automatic load recognition. This feature detects the amount and level of the crockery in the dishwasher and adjusts the use of water and electricity accordingly.  No more waiting until the dishwasher is fully loaded.

Auto Wash:  The dishwasher does an initial rinse to test the dirtiness of the load and then automatically determines what program to use to clean your dishes.

Reliability: Miele’s dishwashers are durable and designed to last for 20 years.


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