Steam Combination Ovens – One Appliance, Unlimited Options

Whether you’re cooking a Sous-vide duck, a crispy salmon fillet or a succulent beef roast, home chefs need an oven that is as flexible as it is reliable. With the multitude of vibrant recipe ideas, it’s vital to have an oven that can keep up with the demands of the master chef at home.

Miele’s range of Steam Combination Ovens are the perfect kitchen companion.

“This is one of the most advanced and versatile cooking appliances available,” said Kylie Taylor, Miele Product Manager.

“Many home chefs are forced to curb their enthusiastic recipe ideas to suit their appliances, but with the Miele Steam Combination Oven range, you can be as adventurous as you like,” she added.

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The best of both worlds – crunchy outside, mouth-watering inside

Miele’s steam combination oven range offers easily selectable combinations of steam and other cooking functions to create the perfect dish with a crisp exterior while being succulent on the inside.

Say hello to maximum flexibility for the best baking and roasting results, with temperature and moisture settings changeable up to six times in quick succession.

“Combination mode offers precise moisture control in 5% increments – from 0% for dehydrating and baking that perfect meringue right up to 100% for braising, slow cooking and proving,” said Daniel Adams, Miele’s Culinary Expert.

Mr Adams says Miele’s Crispy Skin Salmon is the perfect example of what is possible with the steam combination oven.

“This recipe is a perfect example of what the Grill heat function can achieve. The skin is beautifully blistered and crispy while the controlled moisture, set at 80%, carries the heat through the fillets to leave them evenly cooked and beautifully succulent”.

Baking bread also produces exceptional results.

“Baking bread with a steam combination oven is superior because the steam assists the loaf to rise early in the baking process, to create a light, fluffy loaf that is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. You can prove the dough inside the oven, and it will rise more evenly and stay fresher for longer because it is moister than when cooked in a conventional oven,” he said.

The versatile sous-chef

Full steam and full-oven functionality marry perfectly to cater to every cuisine, according to Mr Adams.

“Steam and Menu* cooking is ideal for mid-week meals as well as getting the all-important sides together for a big event.

“Think healthy ancient grain salads and deliciously al dente steamed greens. Plus, full oven functionality allows to you cook all of your favourite baked, grilled and roasted foods to perfection,” he said.

Another recipe ideal for this type of oven is Shannon Bennett’s Honey Crème Brulee, says Mr Adams.

“In the Combination Mode, you can use 60% moisture which eliminates the need for a water bath, reducing the effort and cooking time. The controlled moisture ensures they are perfectly set with just a hint of wobble, ready for the finishing brulee crack.”

The steam combination oven’s Sous-vide function cooks vacuum-sealed foods with temperature-controlled steam, which Mr Adams says results in amazingly tender seafood and meats as well as delicately poached fruits and vegetables.

A feast fit for ten

Just as exciting as showcasing your impressive kitchen to your friends is preparing them a feast for the senses.

Select Miele steam combination ovens are built for multiple dinner guests with an extra large interior that can fit a meal to serve up to ten people. Plus, you can steam three completely different dishes simultaneously on up to three levels.

“There is no crossover of taste or smell, so you can cook a degustation for your guests at the same time, with each dish retaining its own authentic flavour. This ensures perfect results, times three,” said Ms Taylor.

Cooking a variety of things at the same time in a Miele steam oven

It’s the little things that make cooking a pleasure

Innovative features available within the Miele Steam Combination Oven range include:

Stainless steel oven interior for easy maintenance

PerfectClean surface finish for easy cleaning

No more marks: Miele’s CleanSteel surface has a special finish that keeps fingerprints at bay!

*Menu cooking combines up to three automatic programmes for different foods. Temperature, moisture, cooking times and sequence are automatically set with one touch. The appliance informs you when to place items in the oven so they are ready at the same time.

Find out more about Miele’s steam combination ovens here


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