Miele Steam Appliances

Curious to know why a Miele steam oven is rapidly becoming a must-have kitchen appliance? From the health and lifestyle benefits through to the convenience of hands-free cooking and app-assisted functionality, read on as we unpack all the advantages that steam cooking has to offer.

Precise cooking with external steam generation

Did you know that not all steam appliances are created equal? Some manufacturers produce the steam inside the cooking cavity which makes it hard to maintain precise temperatures. This can begin to cook your food during the heat-up phase and will eventually result in a build-up of limescale on the appliance interior, making it tricky to clean. Good news is that we offer external steam generation across our entire range of steam appliances to guarantee the perfect steam environment, allow multiple food items to be prepared simultaneously without increasing the cooking duration, and best of all – make cleaning up effortless!

Perfect results with DualSteam

Our steam appliances have been expertly crafted to preserve important vitamins and minerals when cooking thanks to our impressive DualSteam technology. A powerful 3.3 kW external steam generator creates steam quickly and then injects it into the cavity at high pressure. The result – perfectly even distribution of steam for uniform cooking results.

Miele steam oven demonstration

Take the first steps when cooking with your Miele Steam Oven. This owner demonstration class will assist you in mastering your appliance, with an informative demonstration presented by Miele’s Culinary Experts. You will receive practical guidance while sampling delicious seasonal dishes brought to life with steam.

Stress-free cooking with Automatic programmes

Guarantee culinary success with Miele’s built-in automatic programmes. Manually entering in temperature and time are a thing of the past. Thanks to automatic programmes, different types of food can be cooked to perfection without you having to monitor the process. We even offer user programmes, where you can convert up to 20 of your favourite family recipes so they are accessible at the touch of a button meaning anyone in the household can assist with preparing meals.

Effortless cooking with Mix&Match

Haven’t had time to do a big shop? Utilise ingredients you already have in the fridge or pantry to create a healthy meal in under half an hour. Simply use the Miele app to select your main ingredient and it will suggest other foods which can also be combined on the one tray as well as any tips and tricks on how to prepare the produce. Choose from a crispy or a gentle finish, depending on your individual preference. From here it’s as simple as sending the cooking parameters via the app to the appliance and you can enjoy the results in under 30 mins. Best of all, there is no need to monitor the cooking process and you can use this time to relax.

Ashley Alexander’s Sticky date and spiced pear puddings

You will be astonished by how many delicious recipes can be whipped up using a steam appliance, as they are fantastic for preparing all meals throughout the day, from breakfast through to dinner time – even desserts! Ashley’s sticky date and spiced pear puddings with cognac spiked caramel are an indulgent treat that will soon become a household favourite.

Why a steam oven is everything you need right now

In decades gone by, steam ovens were still quite a rarity in the kitchen. However, thanks to Miele’s broad range of steam and combi steam ovens, families around the world are now enjoying the many advantages that steam cooking has to offer. Let’s take a look at why steam cooking is proving to be better for your health and for your lifestyle.

Our steam range

Our broad selection of steam, steam with microwave and combi steam appliances means your customised solution awaits. For design flexibility we offer options in a 45 cm and 60 cm niche, as well as plumbed-in models so you never have to worry about filling the water container or emptying waste water after cooking, ensuring you can savour the taste of your freshly cooked meal!

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