Take Your Cooking To A Professional Level

To own a Miele kitchen appliance not only provides quality and longevity, but also comes with a complimentary spot at cooking demonstrations.

“When I purchased my Miele benchtop steam oven, I quickly signed up for a cooking class. Within two weeks of purchase, I was learning first-hand how to use my steam oven. I love to cook and did not want to develop any bad habits,” says Liz Simpson from Perth.

Knowing how to fully utilise all the features of your Miele appliance can be the difference between good and great cooking results. Just like a smart phone, we usually know enough to get by, but use just a fraction of our appliance’s capabilities.

“Each owner demonstration class focuses on a different appliance in a small group setting. We cover all the functions and provide inspirations for dishes to cook at home, and information on how to take care of it,” says Leah Brenstrum, Miele Home Economist.

“Our classes are attended by all ages from 14 to 100 years! We really encourage anyone in the home who loves to cook to come along and get the best out of their new investment,” Leah says.

Cooking classes that unleash your appliance’s capabilities

As a Miele owner you already know what your kitchen appliance is capable of – producing the best quality food – but do you know how to competently use all the features?

“I always tell my customers that no matter if they have read the manual front to back, or not at all, the owner cooking demonstration classes will give tips and tricks they can’t find anywhere else,” says Leah.

Watching a Miele Home Economist in action can truly maximise the enjoyment of your Miele appliance and transform the way you cook at home.

“When the class is focused on the Miele traditional oven, we go through all the incredible features, such as Moisture Plus, Intensive Bake and Fan Grill,” says Leah.

What you always wanted to ask

Over the years Leah has been asked a variety of questions such as: “How do I get my crackling perfect? Can you recommend any vegetarian recipes? I’m very busy, what sort of quick and easy things can I cook?”

Liz who recently attended a Miele steam oven owner demonstration class says she learnt a lot of tips from how to clean the appliance, to creating delicious meals without any cross contamination of flavours.

“I dislike seafood, but my family love it. Now I can perfectly cook salmon for my husband and daughter and at the same time steam Bok Choy that is to die for, without any hint of fishy flavour,” says Liz.

Come see for yourself.

“The feedback we receive is wonderful. I have customers who cheekily ask if we are serving the same food tomorrow and can they come back! I’ve even had clients go so far as to say we have changed their life and given them a new excitement about cooking,” says Leah.

“I definitely recommend attending one of these cooking classes. You learn so much and you get to enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed setting,” says Liz.

When and how to enrol

“I would suggest that customers ‘have a go’ with their new appliance for a few weeks before enrolling in a demonstration class. This way you’ll have so many more questions to ask.

“On the flip side, if you have owned your Miele appliance for years and never got around to popping in, don’t be shy! We would love to see you,” says Leah.

To enrol in an owner demonstration class, click here.

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