Technology to last a lifetime – decades of warming the hearts and homes of Miele customers

Since being founded in Germany in 1899, Miele has been dedicated to creating state of the art appliances that set the standards for durability, performance, sustainability, and service. Throughout our 120+ years of innovation, we have been lucky enough to hear many extraordinary stories about how Miele technology has been part of the hearts and homes of loyal and lifelong customers just like you.

It’s time to meet Geraldine – whose Miele oven has been helping her craft culinary creations for almost 20 years. Here is her story.

Miele kitchen appliances

Miele: Hi Geraldine, thanks for speaking to us. You have had your Miele Kitchen setup for almost 20 years now – what products do you have installed?

We bought our house in 2005 and it came with two Miele Ovens – one Conventional and the other a Combination Microwave Oven with a gas cooktop. We have a washing machine and dryer as well. Our home won the 2002 New Zealand Home of the Year design award, and the Miele appliances were a big reason why we loved it so much.

Miele: How have you found the longevity of your products?

They are all still working really well. They are like Swiss watches; they just keep going and going! At the time when we bought the house, we had a teenage daughter who also enjoyed using the appliances. And, over the years, we have had quite a lot of international trips for work where we had other people looking after the house and using the appliances too. They have always been there throughout it all. Recently, we decided that we wanted a bit of an upgrade and there was no other brand we even considered.

Miele: Why are you looking to upgrade your Miele kitchen appliances?

While they are all still working fine, we are at a stage where we just want to update things in our home. I guess it is part of the maintenance of any home to update things over time.

The gas cooktop is still going strong and looks brand-new! Other brands have failed me over the years, so I love the integrity of the products as well as the German engineering. I have not had a single problem, and I do all the correct maintenance and keep everything clean. I really look after them; I do not mind paying a little more as they last so much longer.

I have spent a lot of time in Germany, so I am familiar with German engineering and quality. I think Miele has got it right. The appliances are built to last rather than built to be thrown away.

Miele: We understand that you have chosen a Miele Combination Microwave Oven for your kitchen upgrade. What is it that you love about this product and have you already had it installed?

My new Miele appliances are all installed. The entire process was so easy, especially given we needed to purchase remotely due to COVID restrictions. The service has been very helpful for recommending the new and updated models to what I had previously.

For me, I prefer the look of having an in-built microwave; it’s more attractive and it takes up less space. It is amazing to have the combination of using it as a traditional oven and a microwave. Having the microwave is very handy so I can quickly heat something and then use the oven to cook a full meal. I am thoroughly enjoying them so far and they are so straightforward to use!

Miele: Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen?

Being so busy with my business, I do not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, or as much as I used to. So, when I do cook, I do not want it to be a chore; I want to create!

Miele: What do you enjoy most about cooking with your Miele appliances and are there any favourite dishes that you like to cook?

I love healthy cooking and follow a Pescatarian diet. I love cooking fresh fish, particularly a whole roasted Stuart Island salmon. The results are exceptional and outstanding for roasting, and I have been loving the new fan bake! I also enjoy making roasted vegetables and different types of salads. I even use the reheat option for lunch the next day. I haven’t tried all the magical functions yet, but I am looking forward to seeing what it can do.

Sometimes, if I have a busy work schedule, it means dinner is ready in two minutes. The functions are, again, a step above what I already had. What I enjoy most about cooking with Miele is that they produce great results every time. It’s predictable, it just works really, really well. It is a pleasure to use, and I will always purchase Miele again and again.

Miele: So we take it that you would recommend Miele to your friends and family?

Absolutely, not even a question! Miele’s always been there. It has been the ‘genie’, the quiet helper. I now talk to my family and friends about the products more and more since they are brand new and everyone loves them.

Miele: What comes to mind when you think of Miele?

Quality, simplicity and reliability. I love the practical functions, it is easy to understand, and I get great results every time, which makes it very trustworthy.

I work very hard, so in my leisure time I enjoy gardening, cooking and creating a beautiful home environment. I love being in the garden, and I have plants that I trim and maintain that actually last over 100 years. So, I really take a lot of pride and pleasure in taking care of my home!

The home is to be enjoyed; especially now that we can’t travel overseas so easily. I think you should live your life with beauty and harmony in everything you do, and Miele is in line with that ethos.

Miele: What makes Miele such a trustworthy investment?

Miele has a clever strategy; it is thoughtful to the planet. I think we have become a consumerism-led society, with throw away components and other appliances on the market that have a shorter lifespan at a reduced price and quality.

I know Miele cares about sustainability. These products have become accessible for everyday people who are conscious consumers, and with the different finance options available, it is accessible now more than ever.

We love hearing from our devoted customers about their much-loved Miele products. If you, or someone you know, has a story to share like Geraldine’s, we would love to hear from you.

You can also find out more about our latest range of ovens and microwaves by visiting Miele Ovens, and learn more about Miele’s passion for sustainability here.



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