The AirFry Revolution

The AirFry Revolution

Elevate your cooking with Miele’s AirFry function. Crispy, healthy delights await in the new Discovery oven range. See the difference, taste the excellence.

In a world increasingly leaning towards more conscious and sustainable ways of living and eating, air frying has emerged as the culinary trend du jour. This cooking method promises to deliver all the crispy, crunchy goodness of fried foods with minimal to no oil, making it a healthier alternative to traditional deep frying.

However, with the plethora of gadgets already crowding our countertops — how can we take advantage of air fry technology without adding another appliance? Enter: Miele’s new Discovery range, complete with AirFry functionality.

Traditional appliance, new technology

Miele’s Discovery range offers efficiency, innovation, and is set to redefine expectations with its AirFry functionality. This isn’t just about adding another feature to an already impressive list; it’s about revolutionising how we cook and how we see the role of our kitchen appliances.

How does the AirFry function work?

In a modern kitchen, the method matters as much as the ingredients, and we know consumers are craving appliances that fit seamlessly with both their lifestyles and their values. The AirFry functionality in Miele’s Discovery ovens does both.

It uses a technology that circulates hot air around the food, creating a rapid cooking process that ensures the hot air envelops the food entirely, cooking it evenly from all sides. Yielding delightfully crispy results without the need for oil, this isn’t just a nod to health-conscious cooking; it’s a full embrace of it — a way to indulge in the textures and tastes we love, sans the guilt.

Versatile and user-friendly functionality

Precise temperature control is vital for air frying, as different foods require different temperatures and cooking times. Miele ovens with the AirFry feature are designed to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process, adjusting as necessary to achieve optimal results. Simply select and use this function via your oven’s user-friendly control panel, and away you go.

Designed for versatility, the AirFry function allows for a wide range of dishes to be cooked, from crispy vegetables to juicy, tender meats and even baked goods, expanding the culinary possibilities of a traditional oven. And the commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there.

Is there a benefit to a standalone air fryer?

The convenience of having a multifunctional oven that can bake, broil, and now air fry, all while maintaining Miele’s hallmark of excellence in design and reliability, is undeniable. Yet, beyond the allure of convenience and multifunctionality, lies a deeper story that is central to Miele’s philosophy: Immer Besser (Forever Better).

Over the years, we have witnessed a growing desire for appliances that are not just tools, but partners in the journey towards a better, more sustainable lifestyle. The Discovery range, with its AirFry functionality, is a testament to this evolving landscape, as an all-in-one and smart solution designed for home cooks.

This shift is not about making air fryers a thing of the past. Instead, it’s about setting a new standard for what our appliances can and should do, inviting us to explore the possibilities in the kitchen, and bring a sense of curiosity, experimentation, and a touch of Miele magic to the heart of the home.

Explore the possibilities

Imagine the dishes you can master, the meals you can enjoy, and the time you can save, all thanks to Miele’s innovative new AirFry feature, combining effortless convenience with the promise of perfect results every time.

Shop Miele for beautifully functional kitchen appliances or visit a Miele Experience Centre near you to see the magic for yourself.

The AirFry Revolution
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The AirFry Revolution
Discover the culinary revolution with Miele's new Discovery oven range featuring AirFry function. Learn about the health benefits and versatility of air frying, and how this innovative technology can transform your cooking experience without adding extra appliances.

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