Five Appliances to Help Make Your Home More Sustainable

Our products are designed to ensure that they stand the test of time, tested to the equivalent of 20 years average usage,* and have been manufactured to uphold a high sustainability standard.

For those looking to explore how you can make your home and everyday life more sustainable, Miele has collated the below list of appliances to consider, to help reduce your impact on the planet.


1. WWG 660 9kg washing machine

The perfect place to start your at-home-sustainability-shift is in the laundry, where you can often unintentionally waste large amounts of water and electricity because of dated machines and uneconomical products. Miele washing machines feature Spin&Spray technology, enabling a very low water level to be used to help save energy when heating up, whilst the PowerWash feature allows Miele washing machines to wash 40%** more efficiently than conventional washing machines.

Better yet, all of Miele’s washing machines feature the patented Honeycomb Drum, which generates a thin film of water between the drum and your laundry, allowing garments to glide gently along the surface. This protects clothing fibres from damage, treating your laundry load more gently so that they can last longer, helping not only your finances but the environment.

Miele washing machines are built to last. Jane Wilson, a Miele customer and psychologist from Sandy Bay in Hobart, had her washing machine for almost 40 years, a gift from her mother. Jane admired its ability to care for her delicate fabrics, while making her life easier with its numerous functions.

“The change in the planet during my lifetime has been so vast, and we’ve made a mess of it, so if there is anything, we can do at all in the way we live that address it we need to. Whether it is not using plastic straws or using a Miele washing machine, they are ethical decisions and you do them because they are the right thing to do and they make a real difference. It’s a throw away world and Miele isn’t a throw away product,” explained Jane.

You can learn more about Jane’s story here:


2. TWF 720 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy usage, the Miele TWF 720 8kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer is a great option and is New Zealand’s only 10-star rated dryer.

All Miele heat-pump tumble dryers feature economical settings and programmes that you can use to help lower your energy usage. EcoDry technology for example, guarantees consistently low energy consumption and drying times. Due to the effective interaction of the Miele filter system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger, fluff has no chance to clog the heat exchanger and thereby reduce performance permanently. This feature always operates, ensuring consistently lower energy consumption and drying times.

Miele for Life spoke with Miele’s Consumer Technology Manager, Rudi Niemoeller, who shared his thoughts on how Miele is working to be more sustainable moving forward.

“As we move from year to year, we learn just how crucial it is to make sustainable and ethical choices around the house and we want to encourage people to join us in making sustainability part of their everyday lives, and taking action where they can. When tested under the relevant European Standards, today’s most efficient Miele tumble dryers use 71% less energy than the most energy-efficient models which were available 20 years ago – the new features such as EcoDry play a big role in this,” said Rudi.


3. G6897 SCVi XXL K2O Dishwasher

Another household area that can often see high levels of water usage, is the kitchen. To help reduce this, we recommend the Miele G6897 SCVi XXL K2O dishwasher. This dishwasher includes Automatic Load Recognition that adjusts water and electricity consumption based on the amount of cutlery within your dishwasher. It also features up to 50% electricity savings as you are able to connect it directly to hot water at up to 65°C, along with a patented AutoOpen drying setting to allow you to achieve superior drying results with minimum energy consumption by maximising the effectiveness of residual heat of the load.

4. Ovens

Not only are Miele ovens tested to the equivalent of 20 years average usage* (*, they also feature energy saving and sustainable solutions. Miele is continually working to improve the efficiency of every single appliance we produce, and our ovens are no exception! When tested to relevant European Standards, today’s most efficient Miele oven uses 49% less energy than the most energy-efficient models that were available 20 years ago. Prevent overheating and excessive energy usage with Miele’s electronic temperature control technology and achieve energy-efficiency with eco fan heat – while also achieving superior roasting and baking results! The use of harsh chemicals is also avoided with Miele’s PerfectClean enamel, a patented finish with unique non-stick properties. Persistent soiling is easily removed using water and a dash of washing up liquid and soft sponge.


5. Rangehoods

Select Miele rangehoods, such as the Miele DA 2698, feature an Eco Motor, the heart and soul of every rangehood. These Eco Motors work up to 70% more economically than conventional motors and are extremely quiet and powerful.

Using intelligent fan control, Miele Con@ctivity allows our rangehoods to achieve optimum extraction of kitchen vapours and odours, whilst saving energy. It enables the rangehood to communicate with the cooktop, gathering data to automatically select the correct fan settings to ensure the best room climate at all times. It also turns itself off automatically when finished cooking, so you do not use any more energy than is necessary if you forget to switch it off yourself!

Kitchen fitted with premium Miele appliances

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**more economical than the threshold value (46) for energy efficiency class A+++. Learn more here. (This refers to European Standards).


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