The Home of the Future: Technology That is Changing Our Everyday Lives

Technological developments are everywhere. From lights that clap on, to home assistants you can speak to such as Amazon Alexa, there is no doubt that technology is working to make our lives different, easier and smarter.

This month, the Miele for Life team explores what it means to have a ‘smart’ home and some of the most innovative technologies already available that you can incorporate into your home right now.

What is a ‘smart’ home?

The term smart home is becoming more and more popular and can also be referred to as a connected home, one which uses the latest technologies and automatic controls to help make life easier and…smarter!

With so many New Zealand households lacking additional time in the day, each smart home element is designed to complement your lifestyle, helping ensure efficiency, comfort, security and convenience. Every smart home is different and often you may already have aspects of a smart home without even realising it.

If you are looking to make your home smarter and more intuitive while having an un-interrupted kitchen experience that will enhance creativity and cooking, consider one of the below Miele appliances:


A kitchen that encourages creativity

From our selection of ovens, speed ovens, built-in coffee machines, cooktops and our most innovative steam ovens, our new Generation 7000 kitchen range has been designed to allow you to experience a new level of flow and intuitiveness in your home.

Marketing Director of Miele Australia and New Zealand, Michele Laghezza, explains to Miele for Life that the range features never before seen technology that will help make cooking simpler, providing an un-interrupted cooking experience, that will give you more time to do the things you love.

“Five years of intensive research and development has gone into developing the Generation 7000 range, which includes leading technology and smart appliance features to ensure nothing stands in the way of creativity in the kitchen. These new innovations will allow New Zealanders to flow from station to station within the kitchen, allowing them to cook with ease,” Michele said.

The new Generation 7000 range includes a number of technologies that help make life easier, all connected to your mobile device via the Miele@mobile App. It allows you to view the status of your Miele appliances from your smartphone or tablet, letting you interact with appliances remotely, connect and control machines whilst you are not in the room, and receive tips, advice and more to help you with daily tasks.


Miele’s kitchen range has many features, including, FoodView which allows you to watch your food cook in the oven via your mobile phone so you can continue to enjoy your dinner party; the SilentMove function on Miele full-surface cooktops allows you the freedom to slide pots and pans across the surface with ease; SuperVision allows you to see the status of your other household appliances on the display of your kitchen appliance so you can be updated on their progress whilst cooking and Miele Con@ctivity turns your rangehood on automatically when the cooktop is in use. The list is endless!


Quicker, flexible dishwashers

Perfect for people who are in and out of the kitchen, with MobileControl you can keep your eye on your dishwasher when you’re out of the house. The Miele dishwasher can also be connected to the Miele@mobile app and allows users to conveniently select and start programs while they’re not at home, meaning you can come home to clean and fresh dishes!

For added convenience, many models also have an AutoOpen Dry feature, allowing you to do away with towel drying by opening the door automatically at the end of the program, allowing fresh air to reach crockery and washed items to dry them completely.

Experience the extraordinary with intuitive laundry appliances

We understand that every laundry load can be different, which is why our washing machines are designed to provide practical solutions to create perfect cleaning results for your clothes, every time. With a range of programmes to suit your needs, from a smaller load, to delicate garments, to a QuickPowerWash – you can find something that will work with your lifestyle!

Try our SingleWash programme on selected appliances which adapts the duration, water, energy and detergent use for loads under one kilogram, perfect for washing just a couple of items that you might have forgot about but need washed quickly to wear that day. Combined with our Miele TwinDos feature, which measures and automatically dispenses detergent into your washing machine at the optimum moment during the wash cycle, your garments will come out brighter, whiter, cleaner and ready to wear.

Along with these handy functions you can also integrate the Miele@mobile app which allows flexibility, particularly if you live in a two-storey house, as you can check the status of the washing machine load from downstairs, simply by glancing at your smartphone.

Cool refrigeration for ultimate freshness

Do you have a large family or like to shop in bulk? Thanks to our refrigeration range, food can be chilled quickly in the fridge or freezer using the SuperFreeze or SuperCool function, allowing it to retain its quality. If you have a large load of fresh food or meat you might need to freeze quickly, use this function to cool it rapidly and ensure it lasts longer.

You can also place food anywhere you like thanks to DynaCool, which ensures a consistent temperature throughout the entire refrigerator, meaning you can unpack quickly into the fridge without worrying about where items are placed!
These are just some of the many Miele appliances that will help make your home smarter and more connected.
To learn more about our products, their technologies and more visit our website: or head to your local Miele Experience Centre:


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