Transform The Quality Of Your Cooking With Exclusive Miele Innovations

If you’re upgrading your oven or creating a brand new kitchen, it’s a wonderful opportunity to discover Miele’s exclusive innovations that can transform your cooking results.

Imagine effortlessly creating an a la carte dinner for six or a cocktail function for fifty.

All Miele appliances are designed to make your life easier with superior quality output to save you time, so you can live life to the full.

Miele’s design team in Germany is dedicated to five core values that form the basis of all Miele products and innovation – quality, durability, environmental friendliness, functionality and design.

Each appliance is tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ average usage – which sets the highest benchmark in Australia – enabling Miele to deliver on their pledge: Immer BesserForever Better. Miele oven hinges are also tested by opening and closing the doors 24,000 times, and the enamel trays are subjected to scourer tests 100,000 times.

Below showcases some of the ways Miele adds ease and quality to your cooking at home with exclusive features producing restaurant quality cuisine effortlessly.


Traditional ovens

Miele’s exclusive features include:

Automatic Programmes: One touch will guarantee you success in cooking hundreds of pre-programmed restaurant quality meals. This includes delicious international cuisine like baked almond macaroons, sponge cakes, Yorkshire pudding and Beef Wellington.

Moisture Plus: Instead of opening the oven to baste meats, shots of steam are distributed throughout the cooking process producing perfectly moist roasts and crustier bread.

Wireless food probe: The countdown indicator tells you exactly when the meat, fish or poultry will be ready.

Crisp function: Creates a dry micro-climate ideal for crispy French fries and perfectly roasted pumpkin.

PerfectClean: Miele ovens have a patented non-stick surface for effortless cleaning, while also making fingerprints virtually invisible.


Steam Ovens

Miele exclusive features include:

MultiSteam technology: Ensures faster steam generation, shorter heat-up times and more uniform cooking results. Steam is delivered efficiently via eight inlet ports in Miele steam ovens and six inlet ports in steam combination ovens.

Automatic cooking menu: Enables you to cook three different dishes simultaneously. The appliance informs you when to place items in the oven so they are ready at the same time. This allows you to cook meals without stress and with perfect timing.

Keep warm function: Keeps your food warm without drying it out.

Easy clean: An external water container reduces cleaning in the cooking cavity and time spent topping up the water.


Steam Combination Ovens

Miele exclusive features include:

Combination cooking: The ability to adjust both temperature and moisture content during the cooking process resulting in perfect baking and roasting results.

Larger cooking compartments: Makes it easier to cook large quantities all at once saving time and energy.

Miele integrated kitchen appliances


Miele service

Miele’s award winning, after-sales service is fast and efficient. Even if you need personalised instructions on appliance use or professional cleaning of your machines, Miele is always there for you.


Experience the Innovations

At your local Miele Experience Centre you will see the latest innovations demonstrated across a range of appliances such as ovens, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers in a luxurious and relaxed setting.

Visit a Miele Experience Centre to discover our latest appliances or book your spot in a complimentary cooking class at   The eight Miele Experience Centres are located at: Knoxfield, Victoria; South Melbourne, Victoria; Frenchs Forest, Sydney, Hilton, South Australia; Eagle Farm, Queensland; Southport, Queensland; Claremont, Western Australia; Auckland, New Zealand.


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