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While having a dependable dryer is essential, fully utilising its features will transform your laundry experience and reduce the time spent ironing, folding, drying – and even improve the life of your clothes.

To help you stay on top of your laundry, we spoke with laundry specialist George Politakis from Miele’s Experience Centre, who shares his tips on what to consider when choosing a dryer.

Enhanced energy efficiency

George says Heat Pump technology, which uses half the energy of a conventional dryer, doesn’t use an element to heat the air. Instead, it uses a sealed refrigeration system, similar to a fridge or reverse-cycle air-conditioner to heat the air that dries your garments.

“This reduces the machine’s running costs which can often cost more than the machine over its lifetime,” he said. “As will a good filter system that prevents fluff clogging the heat exchanger and in turn reduces performance.”

The Heat Pump technology also ensures your dryer doesn’t add to your home’s humidity. A condenser inside the dryer cools and extracts moisture from the air during a cycle and either pumps it into a container you can remove, or plumbs it down the drain – not into the air of your home.

Fabric specific programs

George said that selecting a drying programme to suit your fabrics will extend the life of your garments end ensure they don’t shrink, your woollens retain their shape, delicates don’t get damaged and towels are extra fluffy. “It does this by automatically adjusting the temperature and duration.”

Anti-Allergy – kill dust mites

“If your family members have allergies, some dryers have a hygiene program that acts as a kind of ‘dry washing’ that deactivates dust mites and other micro-organisms,” he said. “It also removes unpleasant odours.”

Steam – make ironing optional

Many of us accept that ironing and dry cleaning are part of modern day life but, by harnessing steam, Miele tumble dryers make ironing optional, even for unruly fabrics.

The Miele SteamFinish feature offers a quick alternative to ironing by dispensing a shot of steam and heat to smooth out creases and wrinkles in sheets, shirts, linen and even the most delicate of textiles before they leave the tumble dryer.

Automatic drying time

Miele’s Perfect Dry feature uses patented mineral sensors to automatically adjust the drying time according to the calcium content of the moisture inside the dryer.

“It makes such a big difference. By sensing the mineral, and not just the moisture content within the dryer, your laundry comes out perfect. Not too moist, or too dry,” George said.

A faster dry

Another feature that will dramatically change your laundry experience is an express drying function. “You’ve found what you want to wear now but it’s wet. A quick-dry feature such as Miele’s Turbo-Option dries your garment extra fast using maximum power and minimum time,” he said.

Signature scent for your laundry

To add a bit of a special touch with your laundry, it’s now possible to add a pleasant fragrance. Miele’s unique FragrantDos feature provides three beautiful scents to choose from.

You simply insert a fragrance capsule into the fluff filter and adjust the intensity of the fragrance that lasts for up to four weeks.

Find out more about Miele laundry appliances here.


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