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In 1899 engineer Carl Miele and businessman Reinhard Zinkann joined forces to create a brand designed to enrich the lives of its customers. Over the years Miele has continued to be a powerhouse of innovation, with exclusive designs, convenient features, and smart appliances. Continue below to discover what makes Miele unique.

Long story short. 125 years of quality.

Enjoy timeless innovation from our heritage German brand, with 12%* savings plus a 5-year warranty* on built-in kitchen and laundry appliances. Whether you are upgrading or renovating, your dream appliances await. Offer ends 30 June 2024. *T&Cs apply.

A woman getting dressed in her freshly washed clothing.


From the moment you experience Miele, the meticulous attention to detail is evident. Designed to become the fabric of your home and be enjoyed for many years to come, it is the quality craftsmanship and built-in intuition that makes our appliances such a pleasure to use. Learn why our customer Jane Wilson chooses Miele for her home.

Miele appliance demonstration at a Miele Experience Centre


We offer introductory classes to help you choose the right products for your kitchen and laundry. Once you have made your selection, our loyal team members are here to assist you in getting the most out of your Miele. Providing complimentary cooking demonstrations as well as our bespoke range of specially formulated care products designed to make your Miele perform at its best.

Miele customer support team in New Zealand that are able to assist customers with any product queries.


We are committed to providing support to our customers throughout their journey with Miele. Our competent team are all centrally located in Auckland and are available to assist with any product related queries, from booking your delivery through to supporting after sales experiences.

Why Miele for Laundry

Experience endless delight with Miele’s beautifully crafted laundry range. Every element of a superbly functional laundry has been carefully considered. From state-of-the-art washing machines and tumble dyers with exceptional sustainability credentials, through to custom made detergents and a professional steam ironing system so you can take care of all your laundry needs from the comfort of your home. Creating your ultimate laundry environment has never been easier.

Reasons for Choosing Miele Laundry

Miele UltraPhase 1 and Miele UltraPhase 2 take the guesswork out of dispensing detergent.

Save on detergent

Auto-dosing precisely with each unique load and saving you up to 30%* of detergent, Miele’s TwinDos system is designed to make your life easier and take the guesswork out of dispensing detergent.

A woman posing between white sheets.

Protect your clothes

Extend the life of your most treasured garments with Miele’s hand-polished Honeycomb drum. Made from sculptured stainless steel to give your laundry a gentle ride so you never have to hand wash again.

A woman operating a Miele washing machine

Save on energy usage

Intrinsically efficient, Miele’s dryers set the benchmark for sustainable garment care. With New Zealand’s largest range of 10 star^ efficiency heat-pump dryers and EcoDry technology, keeping energy consumption to a minimum has never been easier.

“This machine replaced our faithful Miele Washer Dryer from late 1999. The TwinDos is a revelation, our whites have never been whiter and with no extra effort. The TwinDos canisters really do last for months without changing them. We can wash a full load of bath towels without the machine jumping around, it has a lot better control of the spin cycle. The shirt programme with steam, means there is very little effort in ironing.”

Customer Review via for WTH 130 WPM Washer-Dryer

“This model has all the features I need , it’s perfect for me . Having had my previous Miele for 21 years and still could get all the spare [parts] I vowed to only buy Miele again”

Customer Review via for WCA 020 7KG Washing Machine

Why Miele for dishwashers

Manually dosing detergent is a thing of the past. Now you can unleash complete freedom with the world’s first intelligent and autonomous dishwasher with integrated PowerDisk from Miele. Discover more about how Miele’s innovative dishwashers provide conveniences you can’t live without.

A sleek white Miele dishwasher

Reasons for choosing Miele Dishwashers

Inside a Miele dishwasher. Its advanced water supply system reduces both energy and water consumption.

Efficient technology

Save precious resources with Miele’s EcoPower technology#. This advanced water supply system reduces both energy and water consumption. For added peace of mind, Miele have New Zealand’s largest range of 6 star water rating dishwashers.

A Miele dishwasher that automatically opens after every cycle that ensures dishes are perfectly dry.

Reduce power consumption

Designed to reduce the final rinse temperature and subsequently reduce power consumption, Miele’s AutoOpen drying opens the dishwasher door automatically at the end of the cycle, leaving your dishes perfectly dry.

A fully stacked Miele dishwasher.

Save on water

Engineered to be extremely economical, Miele’s Eco wash effectively removes all food residue from crockery and glassware whilst utilising as little as 8.9 litres** of water.

“I had a Miele dishwasher for 30yrs. Why would I buy anything else. This one is even more amazing, it’s actually a pleasure to unpack it. Miele has improved with the internal design, I can fit so much in it and it’s doesn’t compromise the outcome. Sparkling clean and dry every time. Thank you Miele”

Customer Review via for G 5210 BK BRWS Active Plus Freestanding dishwasher

“What a machine, last Miele model we had gave us 18 year of service and we have updated. Certainly NOT disappointed at all if you understand we might have had 2-3 replacements in that time from a "cheaper" brand! - this is a simple decision, and, you expect no less from a family run thoughtful company of quality.”

Customer Review via for G 7319 SCU XXL AutoDos CLST Built-under dishwasher

Why Miele for Cooking

For a beautifully curated kitchen design, Miele built-in appliances offer breathtaking sophistication. Crafted sustainably and designed to add a touch of luxury to your everyday, the Miele range offers all the conveniences needed for a contemporary lifestyle. We also offer complimentary kitchen demonstrations at our experience centres located across Australia so you can discover the best appliances for your home.

A black Miele oven

Reasons for choosing Miele Cooking

A freshly baked bun in a Miele oven. Miele ovens with TasteControl functionality rapidly cool the oven cavity after cooking and prevent excessive browning or burning.

Prevent food wastage

Promising perfect cooking results and therefore minimising food wastage, Miele ovens with TasteControl functionality rapidly cool the oven cavity after cooking and prevent excessive browning or burning.

A Le Creuset dutch oven on a Miele induction cooktop.

Save on energy usage

Up to 25%5 more energy efficient than conventional electric cooktops, Miele induction cooktops are a more energy efficient choice for your home.

A sleek Miele rangehood with a powerful Eco motor allow you to enjoy energy savings

Reduce your carbon footprint

Miele rangehoods with a powerful Eco motor allow you to enjoy energy savings of up to 50%^^ thanks to the integrated DC motor. Plus they are energy efficient with automatic fan control between rangehood and cooktop with Con@ctivity.

“Perfect cooking control and looks streamlined. Fitted right into the old Miele oven slot ( from 28 years ago).”

Customer Review via for H 2860 BP VitroLine Obsidian Black Oven

“Our previous cooktop was gas which we enjoyed using very much but our Miele Induction cooktop is superior to it because the Induction has the almost instant heat, that gas cooking offers, and it has the instant heat turn-off as well, with its rapid cooling.”

Customer Review via for KM 7200 FR Induction Cooktop

Why Miele for Vacuum Cleaners

We offer vacuum models for every type of household, regardless of size and flooring, with options to further personalise and deal with potential pet hairs, vacuum automatically, or reduce the impact of allergies with first-class air filters.

Reasons for choosing Miele Vacuums


Miele HEPA Filter

Breathe freely

All our allergy vacuums come with advanced HEPA filters1, combating allergens by effectively capturing fine dust and particles.

Australian Shepherd resting its head on its paw

The right pet tools

Pet lovers know all too well the extra maintenance that comes with having a furry friend. Thankfully, Miele’s Turbo brush and Mini turbo brush make for exceptionally easy cleaning, reliably removing pet hair and lint from carpets.

Miele cordless stick vacuum cleaner in action

Miele Quality

From bagged and bagless cylinder vacuums, powerful cordless handsticks, through to robot vacuum cleaners – Miele have the ideal floorcare solution for your home. Plus, each vacuum undergoes strenuous quality tests, so you can relax knowing it has been built to last.

“This is my second Miele vacuum (last one survived multiple felines, long haired daughter and a dusty house for 15 years!) and I am just as impressed with its durability, ease of use and emptying, efficiency and Hepa filter.”

Customer Review via Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Bagless vacuum cleaner

How we continue to support you



  • With two distribution centres located across New Zealand, our routes are optimised to achieve the best delivery timeframes.
  • When ordering multiple items, our fulfilment team aims to consolidate your order to reduce the need for multiple deliveries.
A red Miele delivery van that transports orders from two distribution centres located across New Zealand to customers' homes.

Customer Care

  • Our Customer Care team are all located in Auckland, New Zealand and are available to assist you 5 days per week via phone.
  • We are equally as passionate about our people as we are about our customers, providing our team with regular training and state-of-the-art technology to help them fulfil their role.
  • Nurturing our relationship with you is our Care team’s specialty, from providing troubleshooting tips and tricks through to ordering spare parts which we keep on hand for up to 15 years after production of the appliance.
A Miele customer care team member assisting customers online.

Technical Support

  • The majority of our appliances are connected, allowing them to receive automatic software updates via WiFi
  • If your appliance ever requires a service or maintenance, Miele is here for you. We have our own in-house team of service technicians in Auckland as well as a National Service Partner network who have been developed to specialise in our brand.
  • The Miele Service Certificate provides exclusive protection, extending the manufacturer’s warranty to 10 years from the date of delivery.
A Miele tech support team member servicing a Miele oven.

*The endorsed properties for the automatic 2-phase dosing system using Miele UltraPhase 1 and UltraPhase 2 detergents were compared with branded liquid detergents at different temperatures. Test no. HL 13.2.10991
^ as of 21 November 2022. as of 21 November 2022.
**In the ECO programme, water consumption is reduced to 8.9 litres. This also means that less energy is required to heat the water. The water savings are achieved through the intelligent design of the supply system and a new, highly efficient filter system. Additional insulation reduces thermal losses and thus the amount of energy required to heat the water.
^^Time and energy consumption conducted between inductive and conventional cooktops with electric heating; boiling 3 l of water in a stainless steel pan (results vary widely according to the type of pan used).

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