Quality Appliances and Fresh Local Ingredients: Michael Meredith’s Recipe for a Nourishing Home

There’s something truly special about pairing artisan cooking with homegrown, seasonal ingredients. The process of carefully selecting each ingredient and thoughtfully crafting a dish brings an undeniable sense of joy and satisfaction, while taking care of the planet we all live on. From the vibrant colours of the produce to the bold flavours that dance together perfectly on the plate, artisan cooking is a reminder that beauty and wonder can be found in the simple things.

As one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most creative chefs, and owner of relaxed eatery Mr Morris, Samoan born Michael Meredith has forged a career in some of the world’s best kitchens. With a reputation for conjuring a unique blend of flavour and texture, Chef Meredith likes to create cuisine that is simple and pure and lets the ingredients speak for themselves.

In Homegrown, a short film series by Miele, Chef Meredith takes us on a journey throughout Aotearoa to discover the best local produce and how to make them shine using Miele appliances.

Combining French tradition with New Zealand quality for cheesy smiles all round

Ask any chef and they will tell you that soufflés can be notoriously difficult to get just right. Relying on a delicate balance of ingredients and techniques to achieve that signature light and airy texture, soufflés must be cooked quickly and precisely, with very little room for error. And high-quality appliances are key.

Using only the best local ingredients from Anabelle Cheese, Chef Meredith whips up a Goat Fromage Frais and Passionfruit Soufflé with the help of his Miele oven.

“When cooking something as delicate as a soufflé, you have to get the temperature precise. And my Miele oven does just that.”

Designed to distribute heat evenly and help you cook even difficult recipes with confidence, Miele’s Fan Plus function creates perfectly soft and light soufflés and is ideal for baking and roasting with added moisture on up to three levels.

“I love the accuracy and control that I get from my Miele oven. The FanPlus function distributes heat more evenly all around the oven, which means my souffle will rise perfectly. It will give you the confidence to take on more recipes like this.”

Try Chef Meredith’s recipe for Goat Fromage Frais and Passionfruit Soufflé here

A local difference that you can feel, smell and taste

Bringing back the wholesome, delicious experience of a ‘backyard egg’, Olliff Farm is the next stop on Chef Meredith’s Homegrown tour of Aotearoa. With micro-flocks of 300-400 birds, Olliff Farm prides themselves on having “happy, stress-free chooks on healthier pastures”.

Housed in state of the art, solar-powered, moveable coops, chickens are moved every few days and relocated on to fresh pasture, providing them with nutrient-dense ground to roam and forage and a healthier nesting environment. And the proof is in the, well, eggs — which are bursting with flavour and truly like no other.

“Driven by a passion and commitment to sustainability and animal welfare — this is free-range egg farming as it should be.”

Chef Meredith shares that when we think of ‘eggs’, we think breakfast and coming together with family for the first meal of the day. Using the sous-vide program on a Miele Steam Oven, Chef Meredith creates perfectly poached eggs with a soft, runny centre.

Sharing that it wouldn’t matter whether he poached one egg or one hundred eggs, they would still turn out the same in a Miele Steam Oven, he whips up a delicious, nutritious meal with total control over the temperature down to a single degree.

“This gives me the confidence to approach any recipe knowing that it will turn out the way I want, and Miele gets it right for me every time.”

Even and gentle, the sous-vide method involves cooking food gently and at low temperatures over a prolonged period of time. The results are incredibly aromatic and flavourful and the food retains its appearance, shape, vitamins and minerals.

“This dish is like a celebration of breakfast…this is how eggs should taste: full of flavour, and it’s a pretty cool way to honour where they came from.

Try Chef Meredith’s recipe for Eggs, Oats and Ham here

The elegance of simplicity and power of precision

The last stop on the Homegrown tour takes Chef Meredith back to his roots. Growing up by the water, he has always felt a strong connection to the ocean and is passionate about showing respect for the water, so that it may also provide bountiful and nourishing fare for us.

Responsible fishing is crucial for the health and sustainability of our oceans and marine ecosystems. When fish populations are overfished, it can have devastating effects on the environment and the economy, leading to the depletion of fish stocks, the loss of biodiversity, and the collapse of fisheries.

Thanks to the hard work of businesses like Cloudy Bay Clams, we can now enjoy our seafood in a way that is more responsible and helps to ensure that fish populations are able to replenish and thrive.

Dedicated to sustainable fishing and a family-owned business, they produce some of the tastiest clams in all of Australasia with a unique and natural harvesting system.

“Seafood is a really big part of New Zealand’s culture, so I really wanted to capture those flavours of the sea.”

Balancing the sweetness of the clams with the complementary spice of the chilli and smokiness of the chorizo, Chef Meredith pays homage to these simple ingredients in a way that elegantly captures their natural flavours.

“This is a dish that you can quickly pull together with just one pan and a cooktop. You also need to keep changing the heat levels, and my Miele Induction Cooktop is precise and responsive.”

With unrivalled flexibility and intuitive controls, Miele cooktops make recipes like this a breeze. Our Induction Cooktops come with a feature called SmartSelect, which enables you to set power levels and times quickly and easily. Each cooking zone has a numerical display with yellow backlighting which can be read easily from any angle. SmartSelect makes it easier to set the timer, as the minute minder and Auto switch-off can be selected separately — helping you make your cooking as energy efficient as possible too.

Try Chef Meredith’s Recipe for Cloudy Bay Clams, Chorizo & Chickpeas here

Incorporating fresh, local and homegrown ingredients into your meals not only adds an extra layer of freshness and flavour but also supports the hardworking farmers and producers in your community, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. There’s something truly special about cooking with ingredients that have been grown and sourced nearby, and it’s a great way to feel more connected to the place you call home. So, whether you’re an experienced chef or a beginner in the kitchen, let your passion for good food and quality appliances shine through. Happy cooking!

Thank you to Michael Meredith, Anabelle Cheese, Olliff Farm, and Cloudy Bay Clams for showing us what it means to be truly Homegrown. To find out more about Miele’s commitment to Sustainability and supporting local artisans and producers, visit: mieleexperience.co.nz/homegrown


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