Lime and coffee meringues
25 minutes
1 hour 40 minutes
15 filled meringues



2 egg whites- frozen or fresh; if frozen defrost before using

120g caster sugar

1 tsp lime zest, finely chopped

50g chopped walnuts

20ml espresso, cooled

Coffee butter cream

100g sugar

90ml water

4 egg yolks

250g unsalted butter, room temperature

90ml espresso, cooled



1. Pre-heat Oven on Fan Plus at 100°C with Crisp function activated. Line a Baking tray with baking paper.
2. Beat the egg whites with an electric mixer on high until firm peaks begin to form, approximately 2 minutes; gradually add the sugar, beating well after each addition. Continue to mix on high until the meringue is firm and glossy, approximately 5 minutes. While mixing, slowly add the coffee, then fold in the walnuts and lime zest by hand.
3. Drop tablespoon dollops of the meringue onto the prepared baking sheet, being careful not to handle the mixture too roughly as this will knock some of the air out of the meringue. Place in the Oven on shelf position 2 and Bake for 40 minutes.
4. With the meringues still in the Oven, turn the temperature down to 30°C and continue to cook for
1 hour.

Butter cream

1. Beat the butter with an electric beater until whipped. Remove from mixing bowl and wash out the bowl to re-use for the eggs yolks.
2. Heat the sugar and water in a small saucepan over low heat to dissolve the sugar. Bring the sugar slowly to the boil and cook until “soft ball stage”, 115°C on a thermometer.
3. Beat the egg yolks a little on medium-high speed, while mixing; pour the hot sugar syrup over the egg yolks in a steady stream. Continue to beat for 5 minutes after the syrup is incorporated until the mixture is cool.
4. Add the whipped butter and mix well to combine. Once combined, pour a little of the coffee in at a time and beat thoroughly. Adding the coffee slowly prevents the cream from splitting.

To assemble

1. Bind cooled meringues together with coffee butter cream.

·  These meringues are great with cream but are even better with the coffee butter cream.

·  Butter cream will keep well in the freezer; beat well after defrosting to return to a smooth consistency.

·  Meringues will keep in an airtight container.


Ensure that the espresso used is fresh and rich in crema. Freshly roasted beans will produce the best crema and flavour.

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