Steamed prawn and salmon rice noodle rolls
30 minutes
Preparation Time
13 minutes
Cooking time
6 servings


Prawn and salmon stuffing

1 tbs sunflower (or grapeseed) oil
1 tbs minced garlic
6 coriander roots, minced
2 small green chillies, minced
4 shallots, finely sliced
½ tsp freshly ground white pepper
1 tbs fish sauce
2 tbs chopped coriander leaves
300g green prawn meat
200g fresh Tasmanian salmon
1 tsp sesame oil
500g fresh rice noodle sheets (banh pho)

To serve

1 small carrot, peeled, cut into fine
julienne strips
1 small cucumber, cut into fine
julienne strips
1 tbs coriander leaves
2 tbs fried shallot slices
3 tbs sweet chilli sauce


Prawn and salmon stuffing

1. Heat oil in a frypan or wok; gently fry garlic, coriander roots and chilli until fragrant.
2. Add shallots, pepper, fish sauce and coriander leaves, mix to combine. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.
3. Mince the prawn meat and salmon with a knife or cleaver and mix in the sesame oil.
4. Combine the prawn mix, with the cooled garlic and onion and stir to combine.
5. Cut the soft fresh noodle sheets into 12 rectangular lengths, 10cm x14cm.
6. Spoon prawn mixture onto the short end of the noodle sheets, folding over lengthways to seal. Ensure the stuffing is an even thickness along the roll.
7. Place rolls in a single layer into lightly oiled perforated steam containers.
8. Steam at 90°C for 8 minutes, or until rolls are firm to touch and filling is cooked.
9. Remove rolls from containers with a flat spatula.

To serve

1. Place two rolls next to each other in the centre of plate, lay a third roll on top.
2. Arrange carrot and cucumber on the centre of the rolls and sprinkle with coriander leaves and fried shallots.
Serve sweet chilli sauce on the side.

Hints and tips

• The rice noodles are best if very fresh and not stored in the refrigerator.
• They will keep unrefrigerated for 2 days.
• If fresh noodles are unavailable, 22cm dried Vietnamese rice paper wrappers can be used.
• Dip a wrapper into a bowl of water, remove and place on a clean flat surface. Repeat with a second wrapper, place on top of the first. Continue as per recipe above from step 6, except roll them into a parcel as you would for a spring roll.


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