Regenerate and rewild: Cooking seasonally with Palisa Anderson

In a world that often values convenience over quality, it’s time to rediscover the beauty and benefits of cooking seasonally. Bringing variety and freshness to our plates, it is well-known that embracing seasonal ingredients also delivers a multitude of benefits from health to the hip pocket. And when it comes to preparing seasonal ingredients, one method stands out for its ability to preserve flavours, retain nutrients, and elevate our culinary experience in the kitchen: steam cooking.

In the talented hands of first-generation farmer and second-generation restaurateur, Palisa Anderson let’s look at how to combine the art of seasonal cooking with the wonders of Miele’s steam appliances, unlocking a world of flavours, nutrition, and sheer delight in our kitchens.

Reclaiming the art of seasonal cooking

As a company with sustainability at its core, we know that cooking seasonally is as close to an environmental, cost-effective and accessible silver bullet in the kitchen that there is.

When we choose ingredients that are in season locally, we reduce the need for long-distance transportation and greenhouse cultivation. This, in turn, reduces carbon emissions associated with food production and helps to preserve natural resources. Aside from its eco-benefits, cooking seasonally is a surefire way to help us savour the true essence of our food, capturing their peak flavours and the nutritional value of each ingredient.

Fruits and vegetables harvested in their natural seasons tend to be more flavourful, as they have had the opportunity to ripen fully under optimal conditions. This helps to ensure that our meals are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and when combined with the gentle cooking method of steam appliances, their natural taste and texture is preserved.

Embracing biodiversity and abundance

For chef, author and farmer, Palisa Anderson, a love of food runs in the family. Her mother, Amonrat Chanta, opened Chat Thai 30+ years ago in 1989, a restaurant as loved as its owner.

After studying and travelling the world, Palisa joined the business with her husband Matt, expanding it to include multiple venues across the Sydney CBD and suburbs, and also providing the restaurants with certified organic produce from their farm in the Byron Shire.

“Spending my childhood in and around restaurants gave me an appreciation of the importance of using what’s in abundance and created a curiosity for good food that lives on until this day,” shares Palisa.

From heirloom open-pollinated herbs to fresh fruits grown on her organic certified farm Boon Luck Farm Organics, Palisa is deeply passionate about regenerative practice and cooking seasonally.

Living by a Thai principle: Nahm-jai, which translates to “water of the heart” or overflowing others with your kindness, one way Palisa does this is by looking for ways to regenerate and rewild her environment, and by making the inherent qualities of food shine – or steam as the case may be!

Unlocking the benefits of steam in the kitchen

As a self-confessed steam fan, Palisa adores Miele’s broad range of steam and combi steam ovens for their highly respectful way of treating ingredients and honouring the inherent goodness of food.

“Steam is gentle and delicate, preserving the intense natural flavour of food, and I get to decide what happens to my precious ingredients with full control. It’s how I help my family eat better and tread lighter.” — Palisa Anderson

And while, in decades gone by, steam ovens were still quite a rarity in the kitchen, now families around the world are enjoying the many advantages that steam cooking has to offer such as:

  1. Energy-efficiency — using less water and electricity compared to conventional cooking methods.
  2. Versatility and accessibility — from simple steamed vegetables to elaborate gourmet creations, steam cooking is both user-friendly and forgiving, making it an excellent choice for seasoned chefs and novice cooks alike.
  3. The healthiest and tastiest way of cooking food — regardless of whether it is fresh or frozen, research shows that steam cooking is guaranteed to increase the amount of vital nutrients in your food.

By embracing both seasonal cooking and steam appliances, we can take small but impactful steps towards reducing our ecological footprint and living a healthy and nourished life.

Two must-try seasonal steam recipes from Palisa Anderson

From simple to elaborate, these recipes developed by our Miele culinary expert, Palisa Anderson, are designed specifically for Miele’s leading range of steam appliances.

The first, Thai style chicken and rice can be served on its own or part of a Thai-style banquet that will impress your guests. With lemongrass, coriander, ginger, soy, and much more — this dish will take you on an aromatic trip to tastebud heaven.

Try for yourself: Thai style chicken and rice

The second must-try recipe from Palisa’s collection is this delectable Padt grapao with pork soft bones. Using Miele’s deep unperforated steam container, the meat becomes tender and seasoning is well absorbed, making it burst with flavour.

“If serving as a stand alone dish, I recommend serving with steamed rice, fried eggs and cucumber slices and ‘do as Thai’s do’ – include a little separate bowl of fresh chilli slices in fish sauce as an accompaniment.”

Combining the benefits of seasonal cooking with the wonders of steam appliances, Palisa shows us how to create a harmonious and sustainable culinary experience that tantalises the taste buds, nourishes the body, and celebrates the riches of nature right at our doorstep.

To learn more about steam ovens as well as Miele’s range of award-winning home cooking technology, visit: or head to your local Miele Experience Centre to experience the magic for yourself.


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