Why a Steam Oven is Everything You Need Right Now

In decades gone by, steam ovens were still quite a rarity in the kitchen. However, thanks to Miele’s broad range of steam and combi steam ovens, families around the world are now enjoying the many advantages that steam cooking has to offer. Let’s take a look at why steam cooking is proving to be better for your health and for your lifestyle.

Miele steam oven

Where did steam cooking originate?
The idea of steam cooking first originated in China, where cooking with steam has been the preferred method of food preparation for thousands of years. Double-walled cooking containers made from bamboo were stacked on top of each other with different items of food in each one so the food was cooked gently and healthily.

Building on the original tradition of steam cooking and combining it with innovative ideas and technologies, our range of Miele steam ovens bring the benefits of this wonderful method of cooking into your kitchen, offering you convenient and healthy cooking and incredible flavours every time.

What are the advantages of steam ovens?

Unlike some steam ovens, Miele’s appliances generate steam outside the oven compartment. During the cooking process, the whole oven compartment fills with steam and the oxygen is displaced – so the food remains visually and structurally intact, while retaining its natural flavour.

The many advantages for the cooking process include: an ideal quantity of steam, optimum temperature measurement and maintenance, quantity-independent cooking durations and rapid heating. This saves time and makes cooking incredibly easy, not to mention it takes the headaches out of the clean up giving you more time to spend doing the things you love.

Our appliances are also designed to make your life easier with convenient features such as automatic programmes which take the guesswork out of cooking, menu cooking a clever function that prompts you when to add each ingredient so all components of your meal are ready at the same time, as well as Mix & Match which allows you to create a healthy meal in under half an hour with minimal preparation.

Did you know that a steam oven can practically replace the microwave?
While the rapid speed of microwave cooking was a revolution in the kitchen when it burst onto the scene in the 1960s, steam and combi ovens are fast replacing them. For those with limited space in the kitchen and who value taste and integrity over speed when it comes to their food, steam ovens often provide the perfect kitchen companion.

Your steam oven can be incorporated directly into the kitchen design to create a uniform appearance, and while it might not heat up last night’s leftovers quite as quickly as a microwave, it will do so quicker than a traditional oven and keep the nutritional value and structural integrity of your food intact.

Did you know that a Miele steam appliance has you covered for each meal of the day?
It’s a common misconception that the only thing to cook in a steam appliance is veggies! From poached eggs or porridge for breakfast, a delicious Thai Beef Salad for lunch, a lamb ragout or sous-vide steak for dinner, or even a sticky date pudding or decadent chocolate brownie for dessert – Miele’s steam appliances have you covered for every meal of the day.

View dozens more delectable recipes for your Miele Steam Combination Oven here.

The best news is, scientific tests carried out by the renowned Universities of Giessen and Koblenz/Landau in Germany also confirm that steam cooking is guaranteed to increase the amount of vital nutrients in all your food – making steam cooking the healthiest and tastiest way of cooking food, regardless of whether it is fresh or frozen.

Whether it’s a benchtop steam oven, a combi steam oven or even a steam oven with microwave for those who don’t want to choose, we have an appliance to suit every need.

To learn more about Steam Ovens as well as Miele’s range of award-winning home cooking technology, visit: www.miele.co.nz or head to your local Miele Experience Centre to experience the magic for yourself.
You can also shop now at Miele New Zealand or find your local Miele retailer here.


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