The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary with Miele

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our new ‘Life Beyond Ordinary’ campaign, showcasing the never-before-seen technology of our pioneering Generation 7000 range, which makes cooking more intuitive than ever before and allows for creativity to come to life within the kitchen.

To celebrate, Miele has brought together innovators from different creative fields including world-renowned artist Azuma Makoto and international chefs, Helena Rizzo and Kyle Connaughton. This outstanding creative collaboration, celebrated in a completely new way is what going beyond the ordinary really means.

Together, they took up the challenge of finding out how far they could push their craft with Miele’s new Generation 7000 kitchen appliances. The result? Incredible installations inspired by nature’s power and intricate dishes that take creativity to new heights.

Read on to learn more about the faces of the campaign.



Azuma Makoto

Responsible for the incredible floral art installations that feature as part of the new campaign, Azuma Makoto is an artist that is no stranger to the kitchen. As the son of a chef, Makoto would often observe his father at work, developing a great respect and enthusiasm for the profession.

“Cooking is a great art, which is similar to creating art with flowers. In both crafts, you choose, arrange and control natural materials, all the while considering how this may stimulate others,” Azuma explains.

Based in Tokyo, Azuma’s breathtaking designs are inspired by nature and the many types of flowers and plants he has discovered across the globe. His art originates from “Ikebana”, the traditional Japanese art of arranging flowers.

Through collaborating with each of our international chefs, and inspired by the Miele appliances themselves, Azuma has created a number of different ice sculptures that push the boundaries of creativity. A dessert for the Oven, a lake for the Induction Cooktop and a rain forest for the Combi Steam Oven.

“There is no moment where I don’t seek perfection. I must create something new every day. It is important not to be satisfied with the current situation but to grasp something new and to let people know it. That’s what drives me,” added Azuma.

To learn more about Azuma, visit his website or follow him on social media here.




Kyle Connaughton
Known for his Michelin starred farm restaurant and inn, Single Thread, in California, Kyle previously won the Miele One to Watch award in 2018 against the World’s Best Restaurant list of 51-100. The co-owner and head chef, he works alongside his wife Katina to grow the beautiful countryside dining experience for all to enjoy.

The restaurant is built on the ethos of Japanese Omotenashi (the spirit of selfless hospitality and fashion of Eastern philosophy) and brings to life Kyle’s love for horticulture, caring and Japanese cuisine, delivering this to the plate of every guest.

“I live in the moment, exploring the flavours around me. If you treat it with care, the most simple ingredients can deliver the most unbelievable flavours,” Kyle explained.

Using Miele’s Combi Steam Oven, Kyle created a varied collection of dishes for the campaign, combining a diversity of vegetables with the simplicity of a perfectly cooked piece of fish, inspired by the floral lake installation created by Azuma Makoto.

“There are so many parallels with the world of floral and what we do with food. The design aesthetic, the reverence for the season, the balance and the colour. I love to have that sort of collaboration. We are looking for those big creative break throughs. What is that thing we can create that no one has ever seen before?” said Kyle.

To learn more about Kyle, visit the Single Thread website or follow him on social media here.


Chef peeling vegetable to cook using Miele Generation 7000 appliances


Helena Rizzo

Named the World’s Best Female Chef in 2014, famous Brazilian chef Helena Rizzo is no stranger to the camera, known for her appearances on The Taste of Brazil. Last year, her restaurant Maní received 12th place in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards and she has also published a cookbook featuring some of the incredible recipes from the restaurant.

For Helena, inspiration to create things in the kitchen can come in many different forms, including cultures, influences and experiences.

“To go beyond the ordinary, to go beyond the commonplace in the kitchen is to wonder why? I can be inspired by various things – by an ingredient, by a trip, I can be reading a book. I think we can be inspired by anything,” said Helena.

As someone who is inspired by different cultures, Helena was fascinated by Japan, Japanese cuisine and the work created by Azuma Makoto. She was amazed by his ability to preserve the natural beauty of the flowers by freezing them in ice and wanted to create a dish that equally captured a moment in time through our Miele Generation 7000 Oven.

“The greatest process is for me, the most interesting part of cooking. To create something great, you have to give the smallest details all your attention,” Helena explained.

Using the Miele Generation 7000 Oven and its exclusive technology, including the Wireless Food Probe, FoodView and TasteControl, Helena created a dish featuring a duck with radicchio, onion and blueberry. The ingredients around the duck were arranged in the form of a wing to symbolise the level of freedom one should have when cooking.

To learn more about Helena, visit the Maní website or follow her on social media here.


Chef stripping broccoli apart


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